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Kentaro Miura 1966-2021 · 12:10am May 21st

Kentaro Miura was a master of his craft and an artist of such grandiose caliber that plenty of times I felt that his work hit a cord with the human psyche.

Dying at 54 from acute Aortic Dissection it hits like a heap of raw iron.

Berserk is in it's core a story about hope, a story that while looking at it from an unorthodox perspective does have what I like to call "The Spark of Myth" something that makes it like ancient Heroic Legends and Medieval Romances. This something is a resonance with the feelings and psychology of the audience that goes down to the human core.

My favorite bits of soundtrack from both Anime Adaptations even if the later anime adaptation is a crime against art, reverence, and proper story telling.

The Best Modern Adaptation done by fans in order. And it is a Motion Comic.

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sykko #1 · May 21st · · ·

I love Berserk. I love the fatalism and brutality, the larger than life characters and the insanity of the setting. Rest in power Kentaro Miura.

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