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Ultimate Warrior of Zera

Hi, I'm a Brony. Here's my fanfiction.net page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1751450/Ultimate_Warrior_of_Zera

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  • 9 weeks
    I am happy!

    Remember my blog I am sad again? Well, as of today, I finally found fichub, a site where I could download the remaining chapters of Nerve Damage: Season 2: Sensory Overload! I am really happy!

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    Cool, I have a theme song!

    A YouTuber named CaYIYa made a theme song for The Lost Hero. Thank you very much!

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    Forgot to do this yesterday. Yesterday, I released the next chapter of my story: A Certain Great Fourth Holy Grail War. Available on fanfiction.net and Archive Of Our Own.

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  • 21 weeks
    I am sad again.

    In 2012, CrossyCross released a Fate/Stay Night story called Nerve Damage. It was basically, "Let's make the Holy Grail War as badass as possible." Summary (spoilers): After Kiritsugu died, Shirou Emiya met another Magus named Henry Hailmark who taught him much, but Henry is

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    I just got an account on Archive of Our Own and have posted The Lost Hero on there. Sorry but this story is still on hiatus. I still have writers block and am working on other stories like A Certain Great Fourth Holy Grail War.

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I am sad again. · 6:29am May 20th

In 2012, CrossyCross released a Fate/Stay Night story called Nerve Damage. It was basically, "Let's make the Holy Grail War as badass as possible." Summary (spoilers): After Kiritsugu died, Shirou Emiya met another Magus named Henry Hailmark who taught him much, but Henry is an asshole who noticed Shirou's mistaken habit of turning his nerves into Magic Circuits and encouraged him to do it. Henry eventually left and Shirou later converted over 2000 nerves into Magic Circuits, but he realized he could use all of them at once instead of one at a time, making him incredibly powerful. When the Fifth Holy Grail War comes around, Kirei doesn't murder Bazett and steal Cu Chulainn, so she still has him. Cu still faces Archer in the school, murders Shirou, and he gets revived by Rin. When Cu comes after him in his home, his immense power causes him to summon four Sabers: the regular Arturia Pendragon, Arturia Alter, Arturia Lily, and Nero Claudius, who quickly force Cu to retreat. They then slash Archer in half but don't kill him like in canon, forcing Rin to work with Shirou. When Illya attacks them with Heracles, she reveals she made him more powerful by summoning him in Greece, causing him to have the Nemean Lion skin, which can come to life, and can summon Cerberus, in addition to God Hand. The Sabers manage to take eight lives from him before forcing him and Illya to retreat. Angra Mainyu, the God of Evil inside the Holy Grail, gets angry because Shirou could easily win with minimal loss of life, but then is inspired to allow more people to summon more Servants, the more to cause chaos and bloodshed. At one point, Shirou and Nero battle Shinji and Medusa and Shinji is killed, causing Medusa to return to Sakura. Inspired by Shirou's example, the Masters decide to try summoning again. Illya, in addition to Berserker Heracles, summons Archer Odysseus and Lancer Hektor, and they convince her to remove the Mad Enhancement from Heracles, making him slightly weaker, but much more dangerous since he has his supreme fighting skills again. Bazett, in addition to Lancer Cu Chulainn, who by the way can use the Warp Spasm, summons Caster Scathach (since this fic was written before Fate/Grand Order, Scathach is very similar to her Lancer self, not Scathach-Skadi). Kuzuki and Caster Medea, in addition to Assassin Sasaki Kojiro, summons Lancer Lu Bu, who still has his horse Red Hare, and Lu Bu convinces Medea to allow Sasaki to leave the temple and enchant Sasaki's blade to be nearly unbreakable. Sakura, in addition to Rider Medusa, summons the False Assassin from Fate/Strange Fake, given the name Aabidah, who quickly kills Zouken and cures Sakura of her worm infestation. Rin, in addition to Archer EMIYA, summons Rider Julius Caesar and Assassin Simo Hayha. Waver Velvet joins the War and summons Rider Iskandar and Archer Genghis Khan. Luvia Edelfelt joins the War and summons Berserker Lancelot, Rider Siegfried, and Caster Merlin. A Magus mercenary named Jordan Lionstone joins the War and summons Archer Napoleon Bonaparte (since this fic was written before Fate/Grand Order, Napoleon is short and his Noble Phantasm is different) and Assassin Jack the Ripper. Henry Hailmark joins the War and summons Lancer Karna and Berserker Achilles. A mysterious man called the Ancient One, who is revealed to be Cain, the First Murderer, who cannot die because of the Mark of Cain, joins the War and summons Caster Moses and Berserker Samson, with his wish being to finally die. All of the Berserkers have Mad Enhancement minimized, allowing them to actually use their fighting skills. In total there are 28 Servants, 29 if you count Gilgamesh. The battles are insane. Odysseus can summon anything he encountered during the Odyssey and Moses can call on the Ten Plagues of Egypt, the Ark of the Covenant, and his other miracles. Napoleon battles Gilgamesh and actually gets him on the ropes. He still loses, but Gilgamesh spares him because he convinced him that modern humans can have worth. Sadly the fic was cancelled.

Sorry about that long summary, but it was necessary for the next parts to make sense. CrossyCross invited others to continue the story. LoneTaker took up the challenge and wrote Nerve Damage: Season 2, but it got so many negative and toxic reviews from trolls that it was deleted. At the end of 2018, they tried it again and wrote Nerve Damage: Season 2: Sensory Overload. It still got many negative and toxic reviews, but I loved it and did my best to support it. Sadly, on the morning of May 19, 2021, the author decided to cancel the fic and declared it would be deleted in 12 hours. I messaged them and begged them not to delete it, but they adamantly said they were burned out and unsatisfied so they wanted to wipe it from their memory. Sure enough, it was deleted.

A summary from memory: Angra Mainyu gets pissed off that so far, nobody important (Shinji doesn't count) has died. He summons four Avengers who don't need Masters: Edmond Dantes, Jeanne Alter, Hessian Lobo, and Adolf Hitler to wreak havoc. However, this causes four Rulers who also don't need Masters: Jeanne d'Arc, Amakusa Shiro, Saint Martha, and Saint George to appear and attempt to stop them. Meanwhile, a mysterious man named Abram and his adopted daughter Monica enter and investigate Fuyuki. Disturbingly, they find Shinji's corpse, chop off his head, and revive him as a talking head to interrogate him. Aabidah falls in love with Sakura and hates Shirou for having her affections, so she conspires with EMIYA to kill him. Hitler summons his army to attack the school, killing a lot of people and forcing Shirou, Rin, Sakura, and their Servants to escape with Taiga Fujimura. Jeanne Alter and Dantes attack Ryuudou Temple and burn it and the forest to the ground, forcing Medea's team to flee. Hessian Lobo invades the Einzbern Castle and forces Illya and her Servants to evacuate. Gilgamesh and Kirei are eventually killed by Samson. Because of the extreme damage Hitler and the other Avengers caused, the JDSF calls in an airstrike on Fuyuki. While everyone tries to escape the city, EMIYA and Aabidah let their hatred of Shirou boil over and poison him, forcing the others to fight them while Rin saves him. The other Servants and Masters eventually join in and it turns into a giant mess. People are dying left and right, including Arturia Lily, and Odysseus resorts to summoning Caster Circe (hey, he met her during the Odyssey). Sometime after Achilles is killed, Henry Hailmark betrays Karna and transforms him into a bomb that will explode like a nuke, aiming to wipe out all his opponents. He then sneaks up on Shirou and rips out his heart, saying he taught him simply to take his power later. Since all of Rin's Servants were killed, she quickly makes a contract with the remaining Sabers to stop them from disappearing. Henry attempts to escape, but Cain, revealed to be Henry's teacher, kills him and usurps the bomb for his own use. Having gone mad, he connects the universes together and adjusts the bomb so that it will take months to explode, but when it does, it will wipe out the entire multiverse, believing he will finally die. Cain escapes with the bomb to a remote location and resummons his killed Servants: Moses as Grand Caster and Samson as Grand Berserker, then summons Saint Peter as Grand Saber, Orion as Grand Archer, Longinus as Grand Lancer, Noah as Grand Rider, and King Hassan as Grand Assassin, then commands them to guard the bomb until it explodes. As everyone tries to process what just happened, Abram reveals himself to be Cain's brother Abel, the Grand Ruler (yeah, I know Grand Ruler doesn't exist, it's a fanfic), who is just as insane as his brother. With his supreme command over Servants, he kills several of the Servants, including Jack the Ripper and Circe, then captures the remaining ones and their Masters, plus Taiga. He reveals to Monica that Cain is the Grand Avenger (side note: this shouldn't be possible since Cain can't die and you have to die to become a Servant, but oh well). Abel teleports everyone to a secure facility in America and repairs Shirou's body to bring him back to life. Revealing he extracted Angra Mainyu from the Holy Grail, he starts brutally torturing everyone, saying he hates everyone who benefited from a Holy Grail War because some of his friends were killed during the Fourth One as collateral damage from Kiritsugu's actions. Horrifically, he reveals he brought Kiritsugu's head back to life to torment, yet he still tortures Illya (including beating her with a crowbar) and Shirou for the sins of their father. He then breaks Shirou's spirit by saying Cain got the idea to destroy the multiverse by observing him: Shirou converted his nerves into Magic Circuits which resemble miniature galaxies or universes, giving Cain the idea to connect the universes together so the bomb will wipe them all out. Eventually, Abel lets them go, but orders them to make up for their "sins" against him by helping him and Monica stop Cain's plan to destroy the multiverse. While traveling to Cain and the bomb, they find that since the universes are now connected, the world is getting invaded by demons and other creatures. That's as far as it got before it was cancelled.

I hate it when fics are deleted and erased from the Internet. Even worse, you can't copy and paste or download fanfiction.net stories so I wasn't able to save a copy of it before it was deleted.

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