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How will this end? · 6:22pm May 18th

"Allahu akbar!" Muhammad was happy to get to the airport on time. Wait, he looked around, where had his son gone? "Jihad! Jihad!"

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With me unfollowing you if you keep this up.

(I mean, the first expression is one of relief, and "Jihad" is the son's name, but still, this is unreasonably provocative.)

I'm horribly confused...

All humor is provocative. The role of humor is to make light of serious situations in order to relieve societal tension. Even absolute monarchs had court jesters.

A train bearing Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Gorbachev stops suddenly when the tracks run out. Each leader applies his own, unique solution. Lenin gathers workers and peasants from miles around and exhorts them to build more track. Stalin shoots the train crew when the train still doesn’t move. Khrushchev rehabilitates the dead crew and orders the tracks behind the train ripped up and relaid in front. Brezhnev pulls down the curtains and rocks back and forth, pretending the train is moving. And Gorbachev calls a rally in front of the locomotive, where he leads a chant: “No tracks! No tracks! No tracks!”

(You giggled a little at the above I'd bet.)

With how immature our RP's usually are I often forget just how intelligent you really are.

Ok. First joke had me like I get it, it’s cute.
Second one had me laughing.

Not really, the first one is funnier.

Isseus #8 · May 18th · · ·

Wherever Jihad may be, he's certainly playing with his electronics again, and will get a mighty iSlam from his Dad once found.

Also: What do you call it when you sink 100 of X to the bottom of a lake, when the X is:
- Christians? A good start.
- Atheists? A dream come true.
- Nihilists? The usual
- Muslims? Muddy water
- Jews? Lye.
- Cheese? Holey water.

With you spending some time with the site staff.

As for me? Strike one. Three is an Unfollow.

I'm surprised people find this joke offensive. The whole joke is how bigotry makes people misunderstand situations.

It took me a while to get this one exactly. But I got there. I think the reaction you got was kind of expected, to he honest. No matter what, the topic and subject matter itself can spark reactions, regardless of anything you do.

The man speaking is going to tackled, killed,
or arrested and is not going tomake his flight. Why because 'Allahu akbar' IS a battle cry and 'Jihad' is the war Muslims are to fight against non-Muslims.

You can say that people's reactions will be 'wrong' and 'bigoted', but the facts are Muslims don't typically use the phrase 'Allahu akbar' in places like an airport useless it's an attack, and naming your child Jihad, is like naming your son Adolf in the USA post 1945, you are just inviting trouble.

I feel no pity for the Muhammed in this story, he willing engaged in activities that led to whatever befalls him, knowing how people have been shown what the phrase means and naming his child Jihad, especially in a post 9/11/2001 world. This is would be like me shouting something like 'Cluu Crux' and calling to my child who I named 'Clan' confront of a Black Baptist Church or in Harlem... if the lack of self-awareness in the situation is gonna get me in to serious trouble and in fact many would be saying I was asking for it, no matter my personal innocence... well if you're gonna say that the Muhammed in this story still should be left alone and not argue that I too should be unmolested, well whose the real bigot?

*Snort* That example with the Baptist church legit made me laugh.

I sometimes think my sense of humor isn't on the same wavelength as other people's.

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