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Need Some OCs for an upcoming 'Scene.' · 1:51pm May 18th

One of the upcoming chapters of 'Scenes from a Life (Post-Villainy)' needs a few Saddleburg residents. Do you have an OC you'd like to gossip about the Villain Family in this upcoming chapter? This is your chance!

Just PM me or comment below the following information;

-Pony Name
-Pony Gender
-Pony Tribe
-Marital Status
-Basic design features (coat, mane, etc.)
-Interesting facts about your OC.

These are basically cameos, so please don't be upset if I don't nail every characteristic of your, urm, character.

I don't know how many I'll end up using, so everyone who wants to be in it be sure to send the info. If you don't end up in 'Neigh-borhood Watch,' then you might show up in another scene down the road.

Also; the new 'Scene' is finished and will be up within the hour!

Comments ( 9 )

-Pony Name: Thorny Talon
-Pony Gender: Male
-Pony Tribe: Earth
-Marital Status: Married (Wife Rosy Riveter works in construction)
-Kids: 1 Daughter (Sprout)
-Age: Late 30s
-Basic design features (coat, mane, etc.): Tall and thin, light brown coat and dark brown mane, cutie mark a birds talon wrapped in a thorny vine
-Interesting facts about your OC. A Scientist studying dangerous plants and animals. Very forgetful, rumored to have have to be reminded it was his own wedding day. Sprout wants to follow in his hoofsteps but has to be kept away from danger.

-Pony Name: Moonlight Skywalker.
-Pony Gender: Stallion.
-Pony Tribe: Earth Pony.
-Marital Status: Single.
-Kids: Two, both adopted (Male and Female).
-Age: 51.
-Basic design features:
+ Orange-colored coat.
+ Red eyes.
+ Purple-colored mane and tail, with grey details (exposing his maturity).
+ Grey-colored mustache.
+ Right eye blinded.
-Interesting facts about your OC:
Despite having passed through some traumas, he still has his charismatic attitude and generosity, despite being kind to all strangers from the beginning, only judging them by how they are nowadays. He's always open to help, despite his age, and enjoys every single moment of his life. He values more friends rather than family, except for his adopted foals (who have already kind of grown-up) who also love him a lot. Fun fact: He doesn't have a Cutie Mark.

name: Honey Drop
-gender: female
-tribe: pegasus
-marital status: single
-kids: none
-age: mid 20s
-basic design: honey colored coat, very pale yellow mane and tail, dark cyan eyes, cutie mark is a drop of honey within a red heart
-interesting facts: A notorious gossip, snoop, and flirt, yet still one of the (outwardly) friendliest faces you'll meet. Honey Drop practically runs the rumor mill. She's adept at dancing in and out of social circles and picking up little tidbits of info to use for later. A favorite phrase of hers is "you catch more flies with honey," playing off her name. Secretly has a phobia of bees developed after an accident on her parents' apiary farm.

Hope #5 · May 18th · · ·

- Hope Dawning
- Female
- Earth pony who wore a fake horn for years to get accepted into CSGU
- Married to a NonBinary Intersex griffin named Alex
- No kids
- 32
- golden coat, golden mane with a stripe of lavender. Cutie mark of a moon rising with stars around it. Wears glasses a lot. Tends to have on a grey cloak or silver circlet on.
- Hope was the first Earth pony to successfully test as an archmage, in her setting this is based on wellspring to casting efficiency, not raw power. She is extremely efficient with her earth pony magic and can manifest minor illusions and (at the end of her story) perform telekinesis and teleportation using earth pony magic. She becomes a professor at Luna's night school, seeking to increase it's prestige.

Stormy Squall
Female pegasus
Single, low- to mid-20s
Grayish-blue coat, two-toned dark blue and blue mane, yellow eyes. Cutie mark is three storm clouds, represents a talent for cloud-wrangling and making weather (especially storms)
Extrovert, kind of like a mix of Trixie and Rainbow Dash in personality. Like to blow things out of proportion and make mountains out of molehills because mountains are more fun to climb. She'd probably be involved in the weather patrol in some way.

-Pony Name--Night Gale
-Pony Gender--Mare
-Pony Tribe--Pegasus
-Marital Status--Divorced, amicably, for several years.
-Kids?--One daughter and one younger son, both by marriage. They stayed with Gale’s ex-wife, who’s their bio-mom. They’re fully grown now, but can’t visit as often as any of them would like.
-Age--Late middle age
-Basic design features (coat, mane, etc.)--Cobalt fur/feathers, silvery mane, worn long and wavy, ending in a curl or loop. Cutie Mark is like Nurse Redheart’s, but with milk-white hearts, instead of pink. Eye color undecided.
-Interesting facts about your OC.--A live-in and wet nurse from Cloudsdale who took care of a mare and newborn colt, both of whom barely survived the birth, fell in love with her and married her (and her husband, if herds are a thing in this story.) A few years before Luna’s return, economic difficulties saw her let go from the hospital that employed her, so she moved away to find work. Which is when she got the divorce, so the rest of her family didn’t feel obligated to follow her and uproot themselves. Especially since her son was in his last year of school, and already having problems. I also imagine her with a Cajun accent, but that’s optional, if--like me--you don’t think you can write that well. (I originally created her as part of Fluttershy’s family, but that’s optional, too, if you don’t want somepony that close to the mane 6. Though it might be interesting to see how they react to that revelation.)

-Pony Name: Snow Glide
-Pony Gender: Male
-Pony Tribe: Pegasus
-Marital Status: N/A
-Kids: N/A
-Age: 20
-Basic design features: Mane is a dark red with a similar look to Scootaloo's hair, coat is a light grayish cyan, and he has lime green eyes. His cutiemark is a wing with snow in the contrails.
-About: Snow Glide is a pegasus originating from Cloudsdale participating in Weather Studies as an abroad Junior student. As a abroad weather student his project is based on the possibility of long distance weather control. He has a fascination of weather phenomenon and occasionally will take trips away from his studies to observe both natural (according to MLP canon) and unnatural occurrences in nature. And fittingly, Snow loves Snow. He has visited Canterlot in the winter, seen the winter wrap up in Ponyville, and bi-annually visits home to be with his parents during Hearths-Warming.

(Pulled this boy out of my Pony town account, didn't know what to do with him so I decided to give him a good backstory and offer him to you. If you would like to change his background, by all means, feel free to.)

(Just realized that he actually had a cutiemark, this is a pretty late change so I'd understand missing it)

-Pony Name: Otto Correct
-Pony Gender: Male
-Pony Tribe: Earth
-Marital Status: Divorced
-Kids: 3 (Proof Reader, Otto Sum and Clipped "Clippy" Text)
-Age: 64
-Basic design features: sunny yellow coat and black mane, older and a bit skinny
-Interesting facts about your OC: Professor of literature and lincuistics. Is very prone mishearing and misreading things to comedic effect. ("I'll thank you to keep your feral moans to yourself, young lady! Why, in my day-" "I said pheromones, you old coot!") Is often cursed by others for this.

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