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'Nother reading. · 2:09am May 18th

i lost brain cells.

Report TheMajorTechie · 87 views · Story: What If... · #youtube #reading
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I look forward to seeing what else you’ll read.

*and i will continue to lose brain cell*

You think you lost brain cells with that?

Because I remember you laying eyes upon... Cookieheart.

Yes my story did it’s job braincells are lost

and you really made me have to push my little disclaimer bit at the beginning too :V

I won't dog the writer too hard, what with the sleep deprivation combined with the speed write and it being obviously written from a cell hone(a couple of my stories were written on a cell phone). That grammar was...oof! I can't go in too hard in on them though as my stories aren't all that great and I have no desire to inflict the world with a dramatic reading of them.

No worries, it was a fun read. :)

Lol. I know I am actually a subscriber and thought free advertisement for my writing at its worst and content for a cool YouTuber who I enjoy.

i regularly incinerate the brain cells of others anyway, so I figure it's high time I donate the few remaining ones I've got plinking around in my noggin to read other people's stuff too for once

The rules are their to be broken and the rating limits are their to be pushed!!!

P.s. I’m correcting some of the grammar and auto corrects.

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