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Heyyy. It's Duncy. Or just Dunc, or even Dunk. Just another user here. Ghostin' this site a bit as usual.

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Hello, Goodbye · 10:14pm May 17th

I've thought about it since the week I got here. I've been thinking about it from every up and down I have with people. I've even tried to do it before, and it didn't work out because I have reasons, excuses, in my head that spoke out on why I should not.

But I'm leaving this site.

I like the fandom. I like the friends I have made on here. I regret everything I've done though, and I can't, and neither can a lot of people, forgive and forget. I cannot be fixed, even if I wish I could be. I just don't have the empathy or just character to be on this site to make friends.

I'm sorry to all that I've been a horrible person to. I'm sorry to all I've been rude or mean to. I'm sorry to all that felt the need to block me. That is another reason I am leaving.

I will give appreciation to only few people. Though many have been good to me.

Melody Song, for being my friend and giving me a chance at friendship. Though I have failed.

BezierBallad, my current best friend that I must leave behind.

Toast, Hero, Iredwolf. Also being a good friend group to me. I am very grateful.

Forgetful, Erynaster, Deep, Everfree, and many more have also been very good to me.

I will only be here a week maximum, or I'll just go mostly inactive. I wish you all a good day.

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sad to see you go mate, but...* sigh* things change I guess (I gotta get used to losing friends). Прощай, товарищ, можем ли мы когда-нибудь увидеться?

Devona #2 · May 17th · · ·

Sory you needed to go... you may think anything about what others here might feel, but... it's sad to see you go. And I'm more than sure more than just me share this...

I do hope things turn well for you, maybe we can chat on Discord sometime.... but I hope things go well. And that you don't lose the friends you've made.

It’s a shame that you’ll be leaving, but it is what it is, and it’s your choice. It’s been nice talking with you, and having you as a friend (and it was nice when we sort of worked together a few months back, if you recall). I’ll also thank you for temporarily joining my Discord, as it was nice to have some members.

I don’t know when or if we’ll speak again. But if you ever want to chat again on Discord, then that’s fine by me.

It’s too bad that you don’t consider yourself to be that good of a person, as you have been kind to me. I know you haven’t to others, but what happens in the past doesn’t matter anymore if you tried to apologize for those mistakes. What matters is what you do next.

I wish you luck on what you do next.

If you have Insta or Discord we can continue to talk.

*screams and curses in russian*

I'm sad to leave as well. Add me on Discord, if you really want to talk.

You alright?

I dont got a phone nor an insta and discord (all I got is this school Chromebook, thank god they didn't block this site)

We’re all by your side once you leave

I wish you the best of luck in the future

Thank you.

So you are leaving? Didn't see that coming.

It's sad to see you so hard on yourself that you've made the decision to leave the site; However, it's your choice and no one else's. From all that I've known you and the semi-often conversations we've had every other time, you're a great person in my book, and that's enough to make me miss you.

I wish you well and great success in your future.

And most of all: Don't forget to smile! :heart:

- Dew


Thank you. And I will not forget to smile. :)

I’m still doing that RariJack story you wanted me to write so you could read it offline or whatever

Pardon me for butting in, but is your school Chromebook borrowed or you have a Chromebook that's only to be used for school?

Oh. Wow.

5520628 Yeah....that make me think if i'm a small part of the reason on why you are leaving.


Thank you. And I will not forget to smile. :)

You better not, little missy! :rainbowwild:


But still I hope you’re doing well.

Welp, can't help you there without risking you getting in trouble with the school. Unless of course you're using your own email and not the one given by the school, in which case you can use Discord on your Chromebook.

I completely respect your decision to leave. I hope that you have a great time, even once you've left the fandom.

Thank you.

I don't really know you at all, but as someone who has been involved in drama both on this site and irl, I understand where you're coming from in your decision to leave. Please don't be too hard on yourself because everyone makes mistakes. Hope you'll get through whatever it is you need to sort out in your personal life and I wish you well in everything you do.

Nah, everything on here is blocked (except this and other sites that have been giving the all-clear by the district)

I'm guessing you're not allowed to view on mature?

well others site that contains P*** yes

*shrugs* it was banned once until it was unbanned for some reason

I'm gonna take guess and say they unbanned it because it's MLP.

Thank you. I appreciate it. And aren't we all hard on ourselves?

The school board's dumb (except when they're not).

(SMH I posted that message right when
5520591 was posted XD)

Farewell, friend.

Good luck, keep drawing, and I wish you the best in what ever you choose to tackle next! :twilightsmile:

Thanks, River :heart:

dunky #41 · May 18th · · 2 ·

Yet you made a 1000 word essay on why you hate goodbye blogs.

Have you never thought that sending out like what feels like an eternity of PMs is less convenient than just making a blog?

Lol whatever.

*sigh* well, your choice is your choice i guess. i'll miss you, and i hope you won't be gone too long, but in the meantime, see ya...
and oh, if it makes you feel better i'm contemplating along the same lines. also, thanks for being such a good friend to me, you're pretty much my only friend on here and by jove you're a good one.
if you must go, i bid you farewell.

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