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Grizzly · 8:24pm May 17th

Griff prodded his antlers up against the bark of the tree, smiling at the honey that dropped down onto them.

”Good morning...”

He smiled at the active bee hive above him, buzzing with bees that were ready to pollenate. He dabbed his hoof into the honey and had a nice taste, licking his lips at the morning sweetness.

When his antlers glowed, he was surrounded with silver flames and transformed into a grizzly bear, carefully taking the hive from the branch and proceeding to drip the honey into a large bucket.

Once it was fully filled, he carefully repositioned it, dipping a claw into the sticky liquid with the lick of his lips.

Honey was his favorite kind of breakfast.

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Comments ( 6 )

Okay, so first he was a deer boi, now he’s a bear boi

”I’m every boi.”

”Mom.” *offers some* “Honey?”

Sure mijo *takes some*

*dips his entire claw into the bucket, shoving it in his mouth*

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