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Well, this is awkward. · 4:35pm May 16th

So, apparently, I completely misinterpreted Lancer's lore, such that the main conflict in No Time For a Sunset would never have arisen in the first place. Per one of the game's creators in the official Discord server, NHPs don't actually lose their memories when they're cycled. I suppose this is both good news for Sunflower and a condemnation of the level of clarity present in the sourcebook.

Comments ( 6 )

Wait, they don't? I suppose that would make cycling the one on a mech more than a little inconvenient, but still. Not at all clear.

Well, I'd assume the process still disrupts the emotional ties to those memories.

So now you write an epilogue where Sunset comes back and gives Wally a lot of smooches.

Do it or I'll tell Scampy :pinkiecrazy:

It doesn't do that either. Essentially, it's akin to sleeping for humans: a necessary periodic action for maintaining 'sanity', but otherwise has minimal effects on the mind.


Now that is hilarious. That said, it wasn't like it was a crossover contest, so w/e!

EDIT: Now you should write a sequel where Sunset comes back and has to awkwardly explain that she misunderstood what was going to happen to her

And only gets half a word in before she's tackled to the floor and kissed by a happy-crying Wallflower

Scampy #6 · May 17th · · ·

If you don't write this idea I am going to hunt you down and fill your HVAC system with glitter. And then I'll beat you up idk threats are hard don't judge me

Looking forward to reading it~ :heart:

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