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    Interview: Muggony
    by Nailah

    1. What inspired your username?


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    Nailah's Shipping Contest Results!

    I must say hosting this contest taught me a lot about what not to do for future contests. I realize the prompts plus randomly generated characters made this contest seem unapproachable from the outside. However, I did ditch the prompts halfway in, and we managed to get almost 10 entries. Each entry was good in it's own way, but at the end of the day, I had to chose who would win the top three. I

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    Promotion for a good friend.

    TLife of a Queen
    Chrysalis struggles to find a new purpose in her chaotic life.
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    Behind the story: Bag of Tricks

    So... how do I start this? I feel like I've lost something that had always been a big part of my writing. My own confidence. A lot of writers might say this is normal, but I remember it being a lot easier when I was younger. Now that I'm older, and more mature, it's like all those mistakes of my past are biting me in the flank. And so for awhile, I struggled to write anything. Couldn't do it.

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    Nailah's Shipping Contest Update!

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A new group! · 7:20pm May 15th


Hey everyone, Nai Nai here. Don't have much story updates at this time. Just know I'm working on something. Hopefully it won't suck. I'm REALLY sorry about my lack of updates on my in-complete stories, I've been struggling. But just know I'm working on it.

Now, enough about me, ninjadeadbeard has a wonderful series of stories revolving around the Anarchy verse.

But Nai Nai, what is the Anaarchy verse? Well I'm glad you asked! By clicking and joining this group, you will find a complete guide to the verse, what it's about, why the author made it, and what it means to the mlp community. So what are you waiting for?


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