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Talk · 3:45am May 15th

”I just don’t get it...” Oculus laid his guitar by the wall as Passion watched him, sitting at the edge of his bed. He’d postponed his latest show in order to come back home, and he was currently wearing a purple valet-type uniform. ”What’s Pelt got to hide...?”

”...a lot of things, hon. You remember how he was before...you know, his actual reformation...”

”...okay, fine. That was a dumb question. He stabbed you in the guts.” Oculus made a pensive look before Passion pulled him over, undoing his tie.

”Enough talk...seems like you need a stress reliever...” he grinned.

”Fineee...” Oculus smirked. ”—but if Umbra joins in, I’m—mmph...”

He was cut off by Passion’s half-smirking lips.

The idea of them starting a herd was perhaps one of the best in a while.

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See Pelt?! They're in a herd! You can't complain if you agreed to a polyamorous relationship!

”I—I don’t even care!” *pulls out a knife* “I should just kill them both!

*Surrounds him in a bubble of magic* No

*whimpers and sinks against the bubble* “I...I’m sorry...”

It's okay Pelt. You just need to get this under control

"But...b-but I..."

*mattress creaking*

If you really have a problem with it, just go join them

"Okay...alright." *smiles softly*

Good Pelt *releases him*

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