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    Interview: Muggony
    by Nailah

    1. What inspired your username?


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  • 3 weeks
    Nailah's Shipping Contest Results!

    I must say hosting this contest taught me a lot about what not to do for future contests. I realize the prompts plus randomly generated characters made this contest seem unapproachable from the outside. However, I did ditch the prompts halfway in, and we managed to get almost 10 entries. Each entry was good in it's own way, but at the end of the day, I had to chose who would win the top three. I

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  • 4 weeks
    Promotion for a good friend.

    TLife of a Queen
    Chrysalis struggles to find a new purpose in her chaotic life.
    Arkane12 · 23k words  ·  51  4 · 515 views

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    Behind the story: Bag of Tricks

    So... how do I start this? I feel like I've lost something that had always been a big part of my writing. My own confidence. A lot of writers might say this is normal, but I remember it being a lot easier when I was younger. Now that I'm older, and more mature, it's like all those mistakes of my past are biting me in the flank. And so for awhile, I struggled to write anything. Couldn't do it.

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    Nailah's Shipping Contest Update!

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Shout-out · 11:57pm May 14th

TLife of a Queen
Chrysalis struggles to find a new purpose in her chaotic life.
Arkane12 · 23k words  ·  51  4 · 515 views

So I have a friend of mine who's almost as anxious as I am, when it comes to publishing, so if you could spare a moment of your time. Would you read their story? Knowledge of the prequel isn't technically required but it would help give you more context. I proof read this for them, and want to help alleviate some of their fears because they are a good writer, often I know how much nerves can consume you. So please. Go and read Life of a Queen's first chapter and take a look for yourself, you just might find a hidden gem.

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