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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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T-minus 10 days... · 8:39pm May 14th

To the Memorial Day launch of Feathered Hearts: Eros, and I now have no less than six side story chapters ready to go--which was my targeted minimum for launch, along with a new main story chapter to help direct readers to the side story. I have until then to finish more side story chapters, and I will indeed target having 1-2 more chapters finished in time. This should mean there's plenty of material available for both the initial launch of ~3 chapters, and for daily releases of additional chapters over the week following to help keep the heat on and interest up.

But as pleased as I am at how it's turning out--I've said it before and I'll say it again; I can't recall the last time my muse just grabbed hold of something like this!--I fear there are some warning signs I can't ignore either. Not of me burning out, as my rate of writing still hasn't slowed down! But because I'm afraid that some of what I'm doing might be a turn-off to readers.

Those of you who are familiar with my clopfics, especially the Unleash the Magic series, know they tend to be quite... varied... in terms of interest and theme, even from chapter to chapter. I've no qualms whatsoever about mixing straight and gay scenes, for example; I also greatly enjoy fetish themes like interspecies and anthro, even if I've never touched the latter in my Fimfiction writings until perhaps the latest updated chapter of Midnight Rising.

It’s consider it a writing strength that I’m comfortable in so many different forms of M-rated action, but it can also be a potential weakness that can get my works in trouble. I've been sharply reminded of late that my interests are not necessary shared by others, and as a result, I've had two of four prereaders beg off on chapters or even the entire story for simply not liking the subject matter.

To paraphrase how one put it, they can't edit it properly if they're having mentally leap over chasms of squick. When you read, you can simply bypass what scenes you don't like. Not so much when you're editing.

So, to help forestall any potential bad reactions among readers, I think I should start making clear now what both the story and individual chapters will contain in terms of themes and fetishes so everyone knows what to expect. What follows can be considered spoilers, but this time I'm not hiding it behind a tag. So read on only if you want to know a little more about what's coming.

So what's in the story?

If I was advertising this to an audience on Fimfiction without the parent Feathered Hearts story, I would simply present it as an chronological anthology of human/griffon sex set in the Gentlemanverse. Human/griffon action is something you don't see that much of on-site, but this story will feature it centerstage, exploring all aspects of human and griffon sexuality. To that end, you're going to see some same-sex action like woman-on-eagless (has that EVER been done?), and yes, even tiercel-on-man at times. But those will (mostly) be side action, and that is not to say that you won't be getting plenty of the more conventional crowd-pleasing pairings (if they can be called that!) that you want, like Marco-on-Gilda, or Fortrakt-on-Tara.

So what are the fetish themes?

I didn't originally intend this, but as the side story has developed, there's been one major theme that's running through pretty much all the chapters: exhibitionism. As it turns out, it makes sense in terms of the inhibition-ending effects of the spiked zap apple cider on everyone, though at least one major character seems to have a huge proclivity for it anyway! Other common themes when the story really gets rolling will be wingplay, domination/submission by/of different characters by various means (as befits the griffies), a fair amount of voyeurism, and plenty of both oral and yes, even some backdoor action.

'When it gets rolling'? So we won't just jump into it?

Yes and no. The first chapter is a standalone chapter showing the aftermath of Gilda's teasing of Fortrakt when he popped a massive and uncontrollable boner over Tara in the hall, and that will be full-bore. After that, the story will back off to picking up after the end of the previous main story chapter, when they were starting to settle in after dinner for a showing of The Princess Bride. A slow buildup will commence as the cider begins taking effect, and it will follow a slow but accelerating progression of events that will result in some surprising scenes and pairings, even over and above the ones you might expect.

Is it just mindless sex?

I like to think that I'm not 'mindless' about anything. :twilightsmile: In addition to the funtimes, you'll find my usual emphasis on character development and worldbuilding as you go, as is the case for all my M-rated stories. You'll learn a few things about our heroes and about griffon culture along the way. There's even a valid main story explanation as to what happened and why--the 'intrigue' I keep talking about in previous blogs. You'll learn what it is and why it was done in the first main story chapter to follow. Suffice it to say for now, it was not for nice reasons. Anything but, in fact, as those responsible were hoping for certain... outcomes.

So Gilda and company won't be acting too OOC?

They'll be acting in accordance with their personalities and personal preferences, some of which this will reveal. The effect will not be too unlike what happens in Nightmare Night, without the magically corrupting and transformative curse. You can still do a lot just by stripping inhibitions away, especially if you boost the zap apple effect with a special and illegally procured fertility potion!

Will chapter fetish content be clearly marked so I can dodge what I don't like?

In a word, yes. :eeyup: I'll put it in spoiler tags up front, same as as always do, and also make sure the story page chapter links are marked with them as well. Clop and fetish interests are a very individual thing, and I realize by now that there is NO way I can satisfy everyone in every chapter. So, all I can do is provide a nice variety and hope readers generally find enough in it that they like.

The final word, at least for now: we remain full speed ahead and on track for a Memorial Day launch with likely 8 or more chapters ready to go between the main and side stories. More updates and possible teasers will follow, and I hope this will yet be a hit with readers.

For even in the Gentlemanverse's heyday, how much griffie-on-human action did we get? Very little outside of maybe DEL's one-shot Marco/Gilda M-rated side story. This will hopefully fill that niche quite nicely!

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SPart #1 · May 14th · · ·

yay something to put on my ebook reader!

My body is ready.:rainbowwild:


You guys are in for a treat with what I have seen during pre-reading so far, with some surprises along the way.

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