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SubscribeStar · 6:41pm May 14th

Fimfiction now has
>>> SubscribeStar <<<
Go subscribe!

In case you missed the recent events, apparently there was someone among the anti-clop crowd who so hated the fact that clop exists on this site that they reported Fimfiction to Patreon, and Patreon suspended Fimfiction from using the service.

This was presumably a gambit, in a bid to get Fimfiction to eradicate all clop from the site, and to remove all associated creators. An ultimatum that if they could not get their way, they would see the entire site be destroyed instead. It would be a win for the anti-clop reporter, even if it meant being king of the ashes.

But rather than bend the knee to the demands of such cyber-terror, the site elected to move on to a service that did not try to legislate morality among its clients: SubscribeStar! I have been vocal in the past about why I disliked Patreon, and for these reasons, I did not want to support it. But when it was announced that the site would be using SubscribeStar instead, I was the very first person to sign up (and even helped out with trouble-shooting the site integration!)

But my friends, this is only the beginning!

This was the old Patreon total:

[EDIT as of 6/26/21]
167 Subs. Total $1,562

Let's beat those number before the end of May!
If we do, I have a very special surprise for you all.

Let's prove that we will not allow our site to die
at the hands of those who would wish to see it burn!

Let us show our support,
for those who continue to support our creative freedom!

So go subscribe!

Or else!

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Bendy #1 · May 14th · · ·

I'm doing my part. Anything for big booty cute ponies.

This is why I hate being poor.
5518618 You know it! :twilightsmile:

Went and got my shiny new Silver Sponsor badge as soon as I saw that SubscribeStar link. I'll be damned if anyone thinks they're taking my pony porn fics away.

Bendy #4 · May 14th · · ·

Yeah. Pornhub is boring.

For me MLP FIM Pony x human is where it's at.

Imagine thinking that would stop us, l u l

They make take our lives but they will never take our clopfic!

I'm doing my part!

Edit: nvm im stupid, will sign up when im back form my 11hour drive

I'm glad you caught yourself, because I was about to roast you so hard...

Can I ask dose it cost money to subscribe I want to support but I cant always pay

They tried to silence us because they fear what we are capable of creating. My fellow SK's, it is time to flex our guns on these anti-clops.

Yes. But you can sub for as little as $1 per month.

Well, did say if they swich over I will back them so best keep my word! I think this is the move for the best!

okay im doing my part

Signed up as soon as I saw Knighty finally got fimfiction on there.

Not gonna lie, though, I was hoping for a Knighty Onlyfans with weekly coding streams. On second thought, that means I'd have to sign up for Onlyfans. Nevermind.

In unrelated news, I see you've acquired Best Princess.

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