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Heyyy. It's Duncy. Or just Dunc, or even Dunk. Just another user here. Ghostin' this site a bit as usual.

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Sunset.... The baby? · 2:31pm May 14th

[Adult story embed hidden]

I am disappointed. This is basically a Sunset redemption story. I know a few of these, and they were my first story I've read on here.

But this story.... Utter trash. Sunset does not act like a child. She has dignity, she has ambition, she has strength. She's not a baby that'd call Celestia 'Mommy' and suck her tits.

Celestia is too blunt as well, and treats Sunset like a baby moniter. Never giving her independance. Ugh...

Like this paragraph.

"Sunset, would you like to sleep with me and Discord tonight?, so you'll be protected, safe and warm in our arms." Celestia offered softly, planting a kiss on her daughter's forehead.

"Are you sure?." Sunset asked shyly, her cheeks a deep crimson. She didn't want them to pity her, she wasn't a little kid.

The question mark periods are annoying. Sunset isn't a baby. Celestia is far to obvious or blunt, just putting everything out there.

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Comments ( 18 )

She's not a baby that'd call Celestia 'Mommy' and suck her tits.

Totally can't relate.

I know you can't you mommy loving fucker. Lol

Don't be mad cause I get my calcium.

dunky #4 · May 14th · · ·

I hate you so much.

At least you're not PoD.

Hey, I've never objectively tried to wipe out an entire country.


My six year old little sister is half like full Idian!!! PoD needa die.

Is Sunset an actual baby in the story? Because that's messed up if she isn't.

Don't wish death on anyone!

Unless they were born in India. :trollestia:

I'mma tickle you—

I fricken dare you. I was trained for this.

*Knocks you down* TICKLE TIMMMMEEEEE!!!! *Freaking tickles the hell outta you*




What’s “PoD”?

dunky #18 · May 14th · · ·

A user the author of the story

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