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  • 1 week
    General Update | May 2022 | MBF,S Bonus, Metroid, Other Works/Plans

    Hey y'all!

    Been a while since I've done one of these. Things have been super busy for me, so sorry if I've been a bit extra quiet. Anyway, here's what's up:

    My Best Friend, Stella.

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  • 4 weeks
    MBFS Trivia Pt. 2 | Story Hindsight/Branching Paths | Plot holes | Q&A

    Hey y'all!

    As I continue to go through the final bonus chapter (still monstrous, already at 14k words and climbing), I thought it would be fun to revisit more trivia around Stella as a whole, and her story now that it's really officially complete. I did one of these back in 2017... so I think we're due for another one!

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  • 6 weeks
    Art - Sveta Sabre Preview 3

    ♫“Take a look into my eyes.

    Teeeell me what you see~

    Take a look into my eyes

    Tell me is it true~?”♫

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  • 7 weeks
    Art - Sveta Sabre Preview 2

    Okay, a first order of business since I wanna share art with my followers who are willing... I'm no longer gonna tag any stories unless it's directly related to them or is for a sneak preview--some people only come here for horse words. I get that. I should probably make a DA at some point lol.

    At any rate...

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  • 7 weeks
    New Art Inbound - WIP

    Sveta's next. Little preview below. With how fucking massive the last bonus chapter is turning out, I'll probably finish this, too, lol. She's not making an appearance next chapter... but she deserves me drawing her lol. She's coming out pretty purdy~

    Hope y'all are doing well!

    6 comments · 236 views

GoH Part 3 plus Birthday Cast · 4:53am May 14th, 2021

Hey all,

Yes GoH part 3 is late as fuck. Had a continuity error that invalidated like a couple thousand words lmao. Editing works! Just need a smidge more time, y’all, my bad.

On another note, Monday is my birthday... but this weekend on Saturday at 4:00 PST I’ll be hanging with my usual crew of best buds on the Barcast for a birthday stream, to answer some questions and play some games n’ stuff. If you wanna ask me a question, anything from ‘Why are you gay?’ to any question about my stories or what not, feel free to ask in the forum post:


Or feel free to swing on by and say hi!

See y’all soon!


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Take your time, man. And congrats. Happy early birthday!

Happy early birthday

what's GoH?
Happy bidet, er, b'day.

merry day of birth

Happy eleventy-second birthday

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