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Heyyy. It's Duncy. Or just Dunc, or even Dunk. Just another user here. Ghostin' this site a bit as usual.

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    The Owl House because that shit is good arright

    Discord because idk it's kinda relevant here: Rae#4343 Shoot me a DM whenever if you want idc

    Arright so I just got done watching The Owl House. S2 E10 Yesterday's Lie

    And Imma just talk about what I've talked about on Discord. Because that's the only thing I really use right now. Yeah. (I know nobody is gonna see this but whatever.)

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    A song, a war, a love, a joke.

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    Now I know I'm stuck
    Fight my way out of this pit hole I am in
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    Because whoever came in, never came out.

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Back track on some pones/Drawing growth dropped to 0 · 12:27am May 14th

I have drawn a lot of pones. But I just never show them anymore. I'm not one of those people who post just to post shit, or someone who posts because sharing is a daily thing. I usually only post when I really have something to say or show that can't be in DMs or is a inconvience in DMs. I remember a while back, I wanted to know what was wrong with me and I used to vent through drawings. Someone said to keep posting pictures over about 1-2 year span, and see how they've changed, what's different, and to see what's happened to me.

I stopped a long time ago. But I still want to show what I can. This is going to take a lot of searching....

Two to three months ago:

1 month ago:

Few weeks ago:

This week:

My art style has changed so much. But it's kind of embarrassing. I went from detailed G1 ponies to.... *Cringe* ....G4 ponies to.... *Looks ashamed* ....Hot fucking garabage. This was today's:

I will never forgive myself for this....

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Comments ( 15 )

those are really good

Heh, thanks

no problem, you got really great skills!

I wish I was that good... Lol.

It ain't that good!! Just doodles with shading.

Still better than my doodles with... little to no shading.

Shade more.

Problem solved lol

And go more neatly with other characters... and accuracy, if I desire.

Sometimes it will be easier to shade, that's for sure. By basic self-insert is a bit tough, but texturing the hair a little is one way to go.

Yeah. And highlighting.

Yep. And some starter-sketches to help me out.

These are all very good! Well done. I really like the two hugging on the cloud

Heh.. Thanks, River.

You’re welcome! :twilightsmile:

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