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If I could make a video game perk, it would be Suicidal Tendencies

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I’m wondering... · 11:17pm May 13th

How violent can this story get? I mean, it’s Teen rated... so how violent is too violent? Like... can I have a scene with someone tangled in barbed wire or not? How detailed can it be?

Is child murder too dark? Is burning a village crossing the line?

I don’t get it

My brain hurts

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Hm...might be something to check the Toggle Warning Help suggestions on

hey, its just the reality of war (also the part where someone entangled in barbwire sounds like a scene from 1917)


I wanna watch that movie.

Also, I was thinking more of All Quiet on the Western Front

I dunno, I’ve been pretty desensitized due to true crime. I don’t really know what counts as “too violent”

Fair enough

Arson it is!

I feel like this song would be best for your story:

maybe in a future chapter, this song will play?

Ooh, I’ll try

"this is war, and in war, people die" -tankman

…difference of “Bodies lay on the ground broken and bloodied from the skirmish. Bob turned away, checking his surroundings for any sign of the attackers”


“Bob stared at the remains of his team, Stars’ *%^**%^* and how the cannon blast had $9&)8&, turning away Bob repressed an urge to vomit and pushed the dead to the back of his mind.”

What happened doesn’t usually dictate what the rating is. Just the description of it

I hope that helps!

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