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  • Monday
    Another eye-opener

    Yesterday, I listened to a preaching from an LGBTQ+-affirming church via Facebook livestream. One of the things that the pastor said is something that I agree with. That there are Evangelical theological bullshit statements that one shouldn't say to those who are in pain and suffering.

    Those statements include:
    "God has a plan"
    "God has a reason"
    "God is in control"
    "It is God's doing"

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  • Friday
    Something scary happened yesterday

    My mom asked me if there was a package addressed to her, so I called the receptionist about it. Before I get a response from her, I heard a really loud thump.

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  • 4 weeks
    5 Netflix shows that I've completed binge-watching within a span of 2 weeks

    Bee and Puppycat: Lazy In Space

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  • 8 weeks
    Holy shit! #1 again?!

    I logged in to my Wattpad account to see the rankings of my fanfictions. Here is what I saw.

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  • 17 weeks
    See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya, Paycheck!

    This is certainly a win for the animation industry. I honestly don't know if Iger would fix the 2-year mess, but at least Paycheck is no longer involved.

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"...twerking" comments are annoying AF · 6:55am May 12th, 2021

Every time I watch a YouTube video, people in the comments be like, "...twerking". Those trolls do nothing but put irrelevant and overrated bullshit. :facehoof: Please stop and grow up.

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twerking? what that

Here's a Wikipedia page of twerking for you to read.

Lately, I've been watching music videos that have nothing to do with twerking and whenever I look at the comments section, there are several that said, "depression twerking", "intergalactic twerking", "whistle twerking", etc.

why is this a thing? twerking looks just a bad dance to even have in the world

I assure you that there are way better dances than twerking. I don't get why it's a thing, but the Internet did its magic with mixed results.

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