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  • Friday
    Ed and Liz phone call

    Previously, I made a blog post where I listed 10 adjectives to describe Big Ed.

    The phone conversation between Ed and Liz shows how abusive of an asshole Ed really is.

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  • Friday
    My day just got extra special

    Today, I received a whole basque burnt cheesecake sent by a good friend of mine from Open Table MCC. I did not expect to receive such a wonderful blessing. He currently works as a marketing manager for a restaurant and the cheesecake that he sent to me is a freebie from his job. He has a lot of those cheesecakes in his house so he figured he'd send one to me as a belated birthday gift. As a

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  • Friday
    Nihongo midterm exam coming this Tuesday

    Last night, we had a review and a mock test in preparation for the real thing. There were a total of 86 points and I got a score of 73. It has lessened my worries on what to expect. Starting tomorrow, I'll study everything that has been covered and fingers crossed that I would do well on Tuesday, though I won't expect to get a perfect score as my memory is not perfect.

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  • Friday
    Johnny Orlando - It's Alright

    Here is the second single from the soundtrack of My Little Pony: A New Generation. It's exactly one week left before the movie premieres on Netflix.

    ICYMI, take a listen to the lead single, Glowin' Up by Sofia Carson, the VA of Pipp Petals.

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"...twerking" comments are annoying AF · 6:55am May 12th

Every time I watch a YouTube video, people in the comments be like, "...twerking". Those trolls do nothing but put irrelevant and overrated bullshit. :facehoof: Please stop and grow up.

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twerking? what that

Here's a Wikipedia page of twerking for you to read.

Lately, I've been watching music videos that have nothing to do with twerking and whenever I look at the comments section, there are several that said, "depression twerking", "intergalactic twerking", "whistle twerking", etc.

why is this a thing? twerking looks just a bad dance to even have in the world

I assure you that there are way better dances than twerking. I don't get why it's a thing, but the Internet did its magic with mixed results.

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