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What my current schedule looks like: · 2:57pm May 11th

So my typical day basically looks like this:

I get up at around 9-9:30 am. Sometimes a bit earlier. I'm not that much of a morning person, so slow and steady wins the race for me here.

I shower, get my lunch made, get breakfast, and eat breakfast. By then it's just about time to leave for work around 11am. I bike 9 miles to my job (would love a car, but can't afford one and I'm hearing prices are skyrocketing right now) (Also sadly the buss doesn't really run when I need it to)

Get to work around noon. Sometimes I don't have to come in till 1pm, so a bit extra time, but those days are random and rare right now.

I work till about 8:30/9PM. Bike another 9 miles back home. The trip usually takes me about an hour.

I get home anywhere from 9:30 to 10pm at night. By then I'm exhausted and can barely watch tv, let alone do any real work.

Wednesday nights when I get home, my roommate and I are trying to play through some RPGs and on the first of the month, I stream a bad movie, which I plan to take the footage of us discussing said movie afterward and put it on youtube.

Thursday I'm off. Usually the only time I get to play any of my games. I bought RE8 Saturday. I've had enough time to play one hour.

Thursday NIGHT I do my anime stream. Where my roomies and I stream four episodes of an anime, then four episodes of another anime. I have a bit of time after that to work on random stuff.

Saturday I'm off, but I have the Saturday Morning Cartoon stream we do, then we go shopping. Then late night it's gaming stream.

So basically: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. I work noon or one to nine pm.

Wednesday I do that AND have RPG gaming afterward.

Thursday I try to actually bleeping relax and play some games or catch up on anime.

Saturday I'm off work, but I don't exactly have the day "OFF"

So... yeah sadly I think the only reason we got two chapters of I -AM- My teenage daughter was because I basically had to isolate for 2 weeks. My roommate got covid, so I had to isolate with them. I never got it myself.

I had hoped to do more updates this year, but yeah. This is my work load. I try to get to writing when I can, but this is basically why it always takes forever.

Hate to say it, but unless I somehow find a way to work from home, this likely won't change anytime soon. And I work retail, so yeah. That's not happening.

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Write a few words each break you have at work, trust me, it makes a big difference over the course of a week

Um... I work retail. In a deli. Only break I get is my 30 for a lunch. I guess you mean for me to write on my phone, but yeah that's not going to work.

Darn dude, was just trying to help ya

Sorry, didn't mean my reply to be mean spirited or anything. I admit it was likely too blunt, but I wanted to get across that sadly that's not an option.

I don't have any solutions for your schedule quandaries. So I'll just say that I enjoy the stories, but you shouldn't add any stress to your life for us, the audience. Write when you feel like you'll enjoy it.

Yeah I do like to write, and I do when I can, but the sad fact is if it feels like work I won't be able to do it. I need my time to relax and unwind, and a lot of the time, a game or a movie/show is the best way for me.

I made this blog post because I do really want to deliver the stories. I want to finish them and am glad at least a few people enjoy them, but yeah. I see other's stories stop cold. Either from lack of interest or time, and I do feel bad mine have to be among those, but as you said. I can't go adding stress or more work to my plate. So... when we're lucky and I get time every now and then and the desire. I write. It's a shame it takes so long, but it's about the best I can do. :/

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