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For those who do not read Facebook.... · 2:20pm May 10th


I Acknowledge Psychedelic Class Warfare Exists
23 hrs ·

Any significant political change at this point will be built on solidarity or not at all.

In the US and probably elsewhere, Electoralism can't save us for a host of structural reasons.

Which means the only way we're going to navigate the next 10 or 20 years of troubles is to organize with each other. It doesn't matter what form that will take, it'll need to grow out of established trust relationships.

The most basic thing solidarity means is showing up when your neighbors need help. It doesn't have to be big stuff. Learn their names, see if they need anything.

If you want to organize politically, here's what worked for me before I was bedridden: find people in your area doing something you think is worth doing. Show up to meetings and look for grunt work to do. The less glamorous and fun the better. Talk to the organizers about what they need and do what you can to pitch in.

If you're doing this with a community more marginalized than you, you must accept a certain level of distrust. People who claim good intentions are a dime a dozen. It's ok not to be ride or die, just don't pretend you are.

Respect their distrust. Don't even try to disprove it. Just work within the venn diagram of what you can do and what people are comfortable with you doing.

Breaking boundaries destroys solidarity. If you're a guest, act like it.

That's the only way forward i see out of this fraud culture war and neoliberal gridlock.

Since I'm not much use in my communities these days, and this page is something of a platform, I'd like to invite anyone with some issues they want a mic for to reach out to me and see if it'd be a good fit.

Running this page purely on my own idiosyncratic interests has long since hit diminishing returns. Time for something new.

Src: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2930239860632902&id=1421187214871515

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