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An Insight into the Workings of My Mind (Y'all are getting a new story) · 7:53pm May 8th, 2021

Tl;Dr: expect a new story in the next hour.

For the how and why, look below the page break.

I haven't posted a new story since 2018. For good reason. Between school, two long-runners that I am desperate to finish before I even think about calling it quits, and a slew of other stories I haven't touched in ages, it's probably good I haven't started a new story.

But... I'm bored. Bored, uninspired, and at a wall with SS and Maker's Reject.

So, here's how my mind works.

You would think being stuck at those two stories means I would go back and tinker with the other stories sitting on hiatus, desperate for some love. Sometimes, you would be right. But sometimes, I click on them and still, just feel nothing. No drive, no desire, nothing. But then, I look through my extensive Google Drive of all the stories I started and dabbled in but never published. Some are just concepts, some have a couple of chapters to them.

A few days ago, I opened one up; an idea I had a long time ago--a different idea. Not too different because it's still me and I'm a one-trick author, but different enough. And, I just start working on it. And it's passable. It's not my best work, it's mediocre at average, but I like the idea. And I don't like keeping stories to myself.

So maybe, maybe this is the jumpstart I need to get other gears turning. So I'm going to do something stupid and impulsive and post a new story. Will I ever finish this one? Who the hell knows?! But maybe if I feel like I'm doing something it'll inspire me to do more things.


Now, for the story itself. When I said it was 'different', it's more in ways of execution. I am a planner. I am a plotter. I am a stickler for details and set up and foreshadowing. Every other story in my arsenal right now has been thoroughly thought through. The beginning, the middle, the end, and plot markers all along the way. Yes, I allow things to shift, I allow things to grow, I allow things to be added. I'm never inflexible, but I know what I want and I know how I'm gonna get there.

This story has an ending. That's it. I know how it ends because that is a cardinal law that I follow at all times. How are we going to get there? Don't ask me, ask the characters. This is Discovery Writing and boy is it terrifying! But it's new for me, and that makes it a little exciting! The subject matter? It's not radical. In essence, it's very by the books. But it has a spice that I don't think too many authors here have played with.

This wasn't the story I was aiming to post this year, but here we are. Does that mean you're getting a second new story from me sometime this year? Hopefully. We'll talk more about that one later. For now, set your expectations at medium and hope my inspiration lets me finish this! Story twenty-one arrives today!

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Comments ( 8 )

This actually sounds pretty good. Sometimes you need to try something different in order to get your spark back. Hopefully it works out well for you.

It's nice to see you've got (or will) your groove back. Looking forward to read it. Hope you'll enjoy the process as much as we enjoy reading it:twilightsmile:

Branching out can work wonders for recapturing the spark. Here's hoping this helps.

Trying out new things can help when stuck. Whether the story ends up good or bad, they always help push us forward, to have fun and get better. I am looking forward to this new one and I am sure to enjoy it! Hope you're doing well! :heart:

I'm a one-trick author

You're not a one-trick author. You're The One-Trick Author. In the best way. You have inducted me into the Ways Of The Bacon Horse.

Oh, i will be following the story with great interest

I am sure that you will knock it out of the park with this one.

Welcome to the Pantsing style of writing! It's terrifying, all right. :D

Seriously, sometimes, what's needed most to get the ol' muse working again and get them creative juices flowing is a serious change of pace. I'll enjoyu seeing where this goes!

So much of this resonates with me.
(Or I want it to resonate)

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