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    Finally, a new chapter. (Chapter 120 of Long Haul is out!)

    Howdy there folks, it's the start of yet another month, and I finally come to you with good news. As of right now, there is a new chapter of Long Haul up and ready for you all to enjoy! Due to a myriad of factors, it really has been quite the ordeal to actually get finished and pushed out, but if I'm being honest, I think this new schedule I've implemented has helped out quite a bit. You might

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    New Posting Schedule

    So, hello everyone, here we are at the start of another month. Yet, I don't have another chapter ready for you all. Thing have been tough for me, and the amount of stress I've been under just trying to keep up with an optimistic schedule I can't find the drive to follow hasn't helped. So, here's the reality I'm facing. While seven years ago I may have been able to write a chapter every two

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    It's time to get spooky (Chapter 119 of Long Haul is out!)

    Howdy all everyone! It's been two months since I've had a new chapter to post, and today, the first Friday of October is the day you've all been waiting for! Again, I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get this out, and I hope you all enjoy it now that it's here. I should be back on track for a release per month, so look forward to a new chapter next month as well! Anyway, if all you came

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    Story blocks suck.

    Howdy there everyone. So, I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but I ran into a block with my writing that I just have not gotten around yet. I tried walking my chapter back a bit and proceeding a few different ways, and yet none of them felt right to me. As unfortunate as it is, that means there's no chapter ready to go up right now. Still, I do have hope that I'll get this figured out shortly

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    Heat Drain (Chapter 118 of Long Haul is out!)

    Howdy there everyone! Once again we find ourselves at the start of a new month, and with that, comes a new chapter in Night Flight's continuing journey across the Equestrian wastelands! As no doubt you've come to expect, this new blog post means that the new chapter is already up and ready for you to dive right into. Of course, it's a bit of a shorter chapter, but the constant heat this summer

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Spring Break (Chapter 116 of Long Haul is out!) · 8:44pm May 7th, 2021

Howdy there again everyone! Once again, it's that point in the month to where a brand new chapter of Long Haul goes up for you all to read! And as per the usual, there's a new one up, freshly posted and ready for your eyes! Though this chapter post comes with a bit of an unusual caveat, is that it's the last one I have ready for now. That's right, my usual backlog has become exhausted over the last few months, and for now, this is the most recent chapter I've completed. Despite numerous attempts to sit down and get words on paper, I've just found myself failing to get anywhere I like in chapter 117 within the entire past month.

So, I've made the hard decision to not post up a chapter at all next month. Hopefully I'll be able to find some inspiration between now and the beginning of July that'll allow me to get my flow going again. We are so close to the end of Night's adventure that it's frustrating to have to take a break at all, and I know a lot of you have been patiently waiting for it, but it simply needs to be done. Anyway, sorry if that's at all disappointing, but I mean, this has happened before. A little early, but almost every summer-ish I've had to take a break for one reason or another.

By the time July comes around, I'll be ready to continue posting more of Night's adventure. But until then, that's it for this update blog post! I do hope you enjoy the new chapter, and I look forward to your thoughts on it! Of course, I won't see you all next month, but I do hope you all stay safe and take care until I return. See you all at the beginning of July!

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Enjoy the break. Youve given us a heck of a ride from the frozen north this far, I think we can wait a little longer!

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