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    General Update | May 2022 | MBF,S Bonus, Metroid, Other Works/Plans

    Hey y'all!

    Been a while since I've done one of these. Things have been super busy for me, so sorry if I've been a bit extra quiet. Anyway, here's what's up:

    My Best Friend, Stella.

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    MBFS Trivia Pt. 2 | Story Hindsight/Branching Paths | Plot holes | Q&A

    Hey y'all!

    As I continue to go through the final bonus chapter (still monstrous, already at 14k words and climbing), I thought it would be fun to revisit more trivia around Stella as a whole, and her story now that it's really officially complete. I did one of these back in 2017... so I think we're due for another one!

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    Art - Sveta Sabre Preview 3

    ♫“Take a look into my eyes.

    Teeeell me what you see~

    Take a look into my eyes

    Tell me is it true~?”♫

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    Art - Sveta Sabre Preview 2

    Okay, a first order of business since I wanna share art with my followers who are willing... I'm no longer gonna tag any stories unless it's directly related to them or is for a sneak preview--some people only come here for horse words. I get that. I should probably make a DA at some point lol.

    At any rate...

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    New Art Inbound - WIP

    Sveta's next. Little preview below. With how fucking massive the last bonus chapter is turning out, I'll probably finish this, too, lol. She's not making an appearance next chapter... but she deserves me drawing her lol. She's coming out pretty purdy~

    Hope y'all are doing well!

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Metroid GoH: Part 3 Imminent · 7:43pm May 7th, 2021

Hey y’all,

Busy month, but through it all it looks like everything will be good for a Part 3 release this weekend, likely Sunday. At the very worst, the writing will be done Sunday, and maybe an extra day or so to scrub it. We’ll see how it pans out. Three weeks instead of four for the next chapter! I’m getting better!

Furthermore, there’s gonna be A LOT of interaction this chapter. As well as world building through dialogue, and I’ve been taking special care ot make this as… nice as possible. I know I’m not gonna please everyone with the direction I’m taking. At least one or two will read and say ‘nah fam, this is gay, I’m out.’ And that’s okay.

But in hindsight, Equis had some WHACKY plot devices more than worthy of a massive bit of criticism, and y’all still stayed. I think things’ll be much more refined here, but you never know.

Feel free to drop any questions/comments below. I won’t answer any specific questions about future chapters of course, but you know what I mean.


Report Flammenwerfer · 292 views · Story: Metroid: Ghosts of Harmony ·
Comments ( 11 )

Looking forward to it! Last chapter was interesting, and more worldbuilding is always nice.

A few questions I'm eager to find out about :
Where are the other Elements Bearers? Where are the princesses? What about Twilight not being on Samus' radar? If she isn't really there, then where is Twilight?

Scan all the things! Can't wait for the chapter bro. This is gonna be awesome

>Where are the other element bearers
Fantastic question—it’ll be answered in time

>Where are the princesses?

>What about Twilight not being on Samus’ Radar
She is, actually… when she’s in Samus’ line of sight, per Part 2. But coincidentally when Samus has not had a line of sight on her, her motion tracker does not register her. Most interesting indeed


Looks like some of the readers need to replay Metroid Prime again (or for the first time, if necessary - DO IT!). Samus needed the X-Ray Visor to track the Chozo Ghosts, since they didn't show up on Samus' radar/motion tracker when they went out of phase with visible light. Also, see the title of the fanfic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52gAvd6Urs0

I forgot the better question : WHY is Twilight?


Though I’m really hoping that all the main cast are still alive and nopony important has been corrupted by Phazon. The ending of the last chapter put The FearTM in me.

Honestly I like this fic enough that it’d take some truly controversial stuff to make me drop out now. I’m here for the thick and the thin.




Where’s the new chapter?

Do I need to get the duct tape and hammers?

(Jk you know I love you. 💕)

AAAAYYYY IM WORKIN ‘ERE!!! :raritycry:

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