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    Been There, Scoots

    I've fought the urge to delete this account too many times over the years. Depression sucks :trixieshiftleft:

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    The Shadow Six

    Moondancer: Why am I here again?
    Sour: Because you're the dollar store knockoff of SciTwi, of course. Now shut up and look sexy!

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    Sisterly Beach Time

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    Thanks to greedy and violent collectors, some stores are halting the sale of trading cards. Yami Yugi, save us :pinkiesad2:

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    Guess I Dodged a Bullet...

    From the lack of response to my last blog post I suppose it was too much of a dumb joke. It was basically an allusion to a fic idea I've had for a long time involving SciTwi and Sunset Shimmer going back in time to ancient Egypt. Naturally, SciTwi would want to visit the great Library and meet the female philosopher, Hypatia. The twist being that the Library would turn out to be filled with

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Another Theory · 4:38pm May 6th

What if the reported contents of the Library of Alexandria had been exaggerated and it was in reality a huge archive of Oedipus Rex fanfiction? And it was destroyed in order to suppress the Rexie fandom? :derpyderp1: :facehoof: :trollestia:

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To be honest, they had a policy of copying EVERY book that entered the city. So while some actual good stuff like math was lost, most of it was probably ancient nonsense like how ancient Egyptians said you could cure baldness by rubbing animal ft mixed with random shit on your head.

When you say "random shit", does it include actual feces? Because my first thought is that people are stupid enough to believe that. (No, not "were stupid enough". Have you met people?)

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