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Star Wars: The Last Fanfic? (SPOILERS FOR SEQUEL TRILOGY) · 4:43pm May 4th

A while back, FourShadow put up a blog about his 10 favorite things about the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy. His #5 reminded me of a theory that I once came across. In the aftermath of the premier of The Last Jedi, there was a stir within the SW fanfic community where some had noticed strong similarities to the movie's plot and multiple fics which came out years earlier. Did Disney plagiarize? Here's the evidence...

This article is the most cited when it comes to the topic...
Something You Should Know about The Last Jedi – Scavenger's Holocron (scavengersholocron.com)

This is from a mainstream source which interviews some Reylo fanfic writers on their reaction to the storyline...
Reylo Awakens: Fan Fiction Predicted a Big 'Last Jedi' Plot Point - The Atlantic

And then, there's this guy who made a whole YouTube video explicitly accusing of The Last Jedi of stealing concepts and even dialogue from his fanfic version of Episode VIII...

There's an entire rabbit hole of other plagiarism that modern Star Wars content has been accused of, but I'll leave that for you to research on your own. So what do you think? Could this all be a big coincidence? Or could some people be so full of Last Jedi/Sequel hate that they'll cherry pick certain details just to accuse Rian Johnson and Disney of being a thieves?

My opinion is most certainly an unpopular one: I WISH this were true!!!! On one hand, yes, already-gigantic companies getting richer off of stolen content is sucky. But on the other, fanfics authors as most of us are potentially having OUR ideas placed into the canon of our favorite franchises sounds awesome! After all, we in the Brony fandom certainly know what it's like to have Hasbro pandering to us. And I certainly would've LOVED if one of my concepts for Sour Sweet had made it into canon. Of course, I'm just weird like that :duck:

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Worth mentioning that there's usually a ban on looking at fanfiction for this exact reason.

For once a conspiracy theory that would be fun if it turned out true.

Given that they pretty blatantly copied from Dark Empire to make Rise of Skywalker, I really wouldn't put it past them to have ripped off unofficial sources too.

It's... an interesting theory, and yeah like Hereld said there's a ban in place for the writers to look at fanfic for this exact reason.

It's a bit of a stretch. Even if it was true, it'd be significantly more competent of a steal than the official artists stealing fanart in some of the most blatant and incompetent ways I have ever seen, to the point of not even fixing shading.

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