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What a beautiful Sunset.

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???? Update - It's My Birthday · 2:40am May 4th, 2021

I have lost track of fimfic almost entirely these days. Life has a funny way of dragging your focus away without you noticing. I'll give some updates after the break.

As with most major life changes, a lot of hobbies end up falling by the wayside as you try to figure your life out. For right now writing is kind of one of those hobbies, unfortunately. The good news is that I have a decent-paying job that I don't hate right now. Hopefully with some determination life can head in the right direction from here. Thankfully I'm not really living in limbo anymore and actually am able to set up some concrete life plans going forward and honestly things are generally going alright. That was something that was exceedingly difficult to be able to say over the past two years.

It's weird to think back and know that this day last year was kind of my deadline for, well, you know. There have been so many ups and downs over the last year and so many new experiences. My perspective on things has shifted so much and I feel like there's so much more to experience in life now. Funny how a few little lifestyle changes can impact things, huh? Not only that, but a group of supportive and caring friends and a wonderful girlfriend certainly isn't ever going to hurt.

I guess I really just wanted to drop by and break the silence. Despite the absence I'm actually not doing all that bad. Pretty good, honestly. As far as life goes I think I'm heading in the right direction, even if it does mean some of the other things in my life get a little less attention.

As far as writing goes, I'm not sure anymore. Time is not a commodity I have in high supply right now, but I haven't lost interest in Sunsetβ€”hell will freeze over before that happensβ€”so I'm not going to tell you I'll never write here again. I just can't say I'll be around here consistently for the foreseeable future. I'm definitely going to try to be more consistent with writing in the evenings and if nothing else I'll have a lot of time to focus on it this winter. I still have quite a few projects I want to get done around here, so I guess we'll see.

Also it's my birthday, so... yeet.

Until next time.

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Happy Birthday and congrats on having a great life right now!

Happy birthday! I'm glad things are looking up for you now!

Happy bday

Happy birthday! :twilightsmile:

Happy birthday, man.

I'm thrilled to hear that you're doing well, Holy! I really wish the best for you and yours. :raritystarry:

Also, happy birthday! :yay:

Happy Birthday Holy!

Happy Birthday Holy, glad to see you got an alright job.

Happ Birf, Holy:twilightsmile:

Happy birthday Holy!

Happy Birthday Holy

It's your birthday, and we want you to have fun
It's your birthday, so let's party everyone!
It's your birthday, and we want you to have fun
It's your birthday, so let's party everyone!


Seriously though, Happy Birthday Holy. And know that we're all here, and we wish you a Happy Birthday.:twilightsmile:

happy birthday .so happy to hear your doing good :heart:

happy birthday to you my friend, may it bring you joy and happiness this day with you, family and friends :twilightsmile:

Happy birthday holy :D

Happy birthday holy!

Many happy returns.

Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!! πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Holy.

I love your work. It's just si full of devotion and soncerity. Starting from Scratch was one of the first stories I read on here and it's still a favorite.


Happy Birthday! :pinkiehappy:

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday holy

Happy Birthday, Holy! :pinkiehappy:

Glad to hear that you're doing good. :heart:

Happy Birth -Day!!!!!

I'm very happy to hear your life has improved. Happy birthday and may things keep getting better for you. :twilightsmile:

Happy belated birthday!

Happy Birthday! May you have many happy returns.

Glad to hear you're doing well. Happy birthday!

happy belated birthday!

Happy birthday! My friend, I'm happy for you!

Happy birthday! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ! :pinkiehappy:

Happy Birthday, man. You got our supports.

Happy Birthday. Glad this year has been a good renewal.

Glad to hear you're doing better, good luck with everything and Happy Birthday!

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