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  • Tuesday
    I watched Squid Game 2 weeks ago

    Holy crabapples! This is the best series I've ever watched. No wonder why it became such a hit all over the world. Not only is it brutal, violent, and intense, but it's also well-written and thought-provoking.

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  • Monday
    Sharing ideas for my 4th fanfiction

    If I ever get to write a Balan fanfiction, I will retain his skin colour and hairstyle when he's not wearing his hat.

    I will incorporate my OC with my personal experiences such as opening up about his struggles and vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to mental health.

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    I feel conflicted

    I've been a fan of Balan Wonderworld for nearly one month and I don't know if I should write a fanfiction or not. I've written a total of 3 M-rated fics (NiGHTS, Pokémon, and

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  • 1 week
    No thanks

    I'm not looking forward to this. The live-action version holds a special place in my heart.

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  • 1 week
    Cancel culture is not activism

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Teachers are the reason why school shootings are prevalent · 3:29am May 3rd

I've read a lot of comments on YouTube that teachers don't care about the well-being of students. When bullies pick on students, they just walk away. When students fight back, teachers punish them by sending them to the principal's office, giving them detention, suspension, or expulsion.

To add insult to injury, teachers encourage the behaviour of bullies and they even become bullies themselves. No wonder why students hate school so much. Their lack of support and empathy to the victims of bullying is what led students to either kill themselves or initiate gun-related attacks.

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Pillbug #1 · May 3rd · · ·

Not a direct reason why, but it can be a contributing factor, yes.

Teachers aren't entirely the problem, but they can be a part of it. Part of the issue is the US school culture, which as you rightly points out often punishes students when they simply tried to defend themselves. I can recall listening to a YouTube stream where a group of Brits were reading an American novel where this happens, and their absolute shock at this (in Britain, the culture towards this sort of thing is different).

If I may ask, what is school culture like in the UK?

I went to a Private School, so my experience is probably not universal, but the school I went to was incredibly efficient at stamping out bullying.

That's good to know. The same thing applies to where I'm from. All the teachers care about the students' well-being and bullying is a huge no-no. Bullies receive proper punishments such as written warnings and detention.

And, in our case, the nuclear option; expulsion.

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