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  • Today
    I just came back from my second jog

    Holy shit my calves

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  • Today
    I just jogged my first mile

    Note to self: Bring your fucking asthma pump next time ya big dumb dumb

    Like holy shit my eyes are watering

    It’s literally so cold that the grass is starting to frost over and I was hella mouth breathing the whole way because my fatass was dying—

    I’m alive though so

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  • Today
    Finally made it to the competitive circuit in Rocket League

    For context it requires you to be at level 10 to participate in competitive matches. But I won my first competitive game at 3-2. And two of those points was me ;)

    Rocket League is definitely a new favorite of mine.

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  • Sunday
    Describing every subreddit I’m in

    r/Cringetopia: Holier than thou

    r/MurderedByWords: We’re cool because we make fun of people for not having a degree in what I’m talking about

    r/ThatHappened: Because you have nothing interesting going on and that means no one else should

    r/NothingEverHappens: Because people aren’t allowed to have bullshit detectors

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  • Sunday
    So I just tried Mochi and Boba on the same day

    Mochi is like frozen dough- I tried the green tea kind and it was pretty good. Like those strips of gum kinda consistency

    The boba I had was a cool peach flavor. Bubbles were yummy as hell.

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Black Energy (EqG) · 11:03pm May 2nd

Griff was meditating in the closet, feeling like a cascade of pitch black waves were crashing around him. Tidal waves of dark energy surrounded him, and he realized that his own aura was something to harness.

As he closed his eyes he relaxed his muscles, allowing it to engulf him completely.

“...I’m feeling lucky today.” He sighed, getting up and leaving the closeted space. Immediately, he found himself falling down the stairs.




And just like that, he was face down on the floor with broken bones.


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Comments ( 26 )

Uh-oh. Call the hospital.

”Nah.” *pops his elbow back into place, sitting up* “I’m used to it by now.”

Oh? How many times has this happened?

Mijo! *scoops up* my baby, are you okay? Quick, I'll get the hospital!

”Is k.” *pops most of his bones back into place, sighing* “It happens every day...”

*Carries to hospital*

*helps him up* do you like being in the closet?

”Yep. It’s my sanctuary.”

*gives him a Reeses cup* is it always near some stairs?

Shh, momma's got you



”B-But I’m fine!”

why dont you move the closet somewhere else? at this point it's making you look like you're testing if there's fall damage

*Sets in the hospital*

I feel like these stair skits are Family Guy references

das beweist meinen Standpunkt!

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