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Water fasting - 48 hours down, 36 remaining. No noticeable changes... · 5:54pm May 2nd, 2021

Feeling pretty much the same as yesterday, maybe even a bit better because the coldness mostly went away. The hunger went up a little, but still nothing tragic (although, I do think a lot about nice scrambled eggs, or juicy pizza... :trixieshiftleft:).

No other negative symptoms... So, either my body didn't switch to ketosis yet, or... I was constantly in and out of ketosis for the past month since I started the diet and thanks to that the switch right now was barely noticeable.

To summarize: I'm alive and well, but... I'm looking forward to ending the damn thing and grab something delicious to eat :pinkiesad2:

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I will eat pizza in your honor, my friend, you are doing well, are you in any discomfort?

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