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    I just counted all of the ideas for (unpublished) stories I have…

    14 potential fanfics.

    Apparently, when I’m taking a break from writing, my imagination doesn’t take time off; it might not even be able to process the concept of taking time off.

    I’m split on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. :applejackconfused:

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    I got a new car!

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    Going on hiatus

    I know that only one chapter of Twisted Magic has been released, but I’ve flamed out, and the only way to regain the energy to write is to take a break from writing for now.

    This hiatus also extends to Twisted Magic: Black.

    That is all.

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    Status Update/State of the Author: 5/1/2021

    Exactly what the title says. Read on for details.

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Status Update/State of the Author: 5/1/2021 · 12:34am May 2nd

Exactly what the title says. Read on for details.

I know that it’s been almost 6 months since I updated either Twisted Magic. I’m still committed to them in the long-term, but I’m currently dealing with a bout of writer’s block that’s affecting both.

On top of that, my emotional state has been up-and-down during this time; when it’s down, it takes my will to write with it.

TL;DR: the lack of story updates are not being caused by procrastination.

Also, within the last few hours, I was unexpectedly hit with another story idea: a group of friends record themselves playing a video game they have no experience with. Hilarity ensues.

I’m currently refining that premise and trying to make a story with it to try to get the creative juices flowing and lift my general mood.

As it stands, the Twisted Magic stories are the only multi-chapter fics I’m going to work on in the foreseeable future* because, from experience, putting anything else major on my plate will end with me flaming out.

*Unless I decide to make that aforementioned premise into a multi-chapter fic.

That’s all there is to say for now.

Until next time.

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