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Twelve Hour Days · 8:27pm May 1st, 2021

My apologies for the lack of updates. I have deadlines and I need money to feed my wife's space marine addiction. Obviously, given how much time I'm spending in front of the computer at the moment, I'm not particularly motivated to spend more time in front of it to write.

I spent today repairing my garden fence. It was a nice change of pace after a solid month of writing typescript (though I will say this, graphql is rather enjoyable to work with, so it wasn't a total pit of despair).

Such is life.

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Wholly understandable. Here's hoping things clear up after those deadlines.

Wanderer D

Yeah man, make sure you give yourself time away from the screen.

uff 40k, have you thought about talking her into a cheaper hobby like cars or drugs

Putting hay on the table is the priority. That's perfectly fine.
In my case, I'm stuck with a permit in the Mexican IRS since January. I had almost forgotten that I had a coyote trying to get me an appointment until last night, near midnight, the scheduling system opened briefly but I couldn't make an appointment because the system already has an appointment in my name/tax code. I guess the coyote did his work, but I can't find him. Wouldn't it be exceedingly funny if I waste another month because I couldn't locate a bloke who wants 20 dollars? I hope he calls me Monday.

Unfortunately you and I both know that there's always just one more thing... :pinkiecrazy:
It helps that it's the first days of constant sun I've had for ages. Tomorrow I'm going to move dirt around.
I offered to buy her gold bars and cocaine instead, but she just
that all sounds remarkably silly. you should find is mother and have her shame him into helping you more. i hear that always works.

I'd feel the temptation, but I did agree to the price. Besides, I got him recommended by my accountant, not some random person. The part that gets me the most, though, is that I asked specifically that I don't mind traveling up to 1000km to my appointment, so I actually need to know well ahead of time to arrange buses and possibly hotel. I don't want my appointment to be this Monday, 9am, in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

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