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Water fasting - 24 hours down, 60 to go. It feels... weird but bearable · 6:05pm May 1st, 2021

So, it's been more than a day since I ate anything. Current effects are bearable and similar to what I went through when I started reducing my calory intake 30 days ago:

  • feeling cold - especially hands. Drinking a lot of hot tea helps for a while, but coldness comes back fast
  • moderate cravings for food - they're there, but nothing I didn't experience before

And... that's it - no headaches, vomiting, cramps, or anything from the 'things that could happen when water fasting' checklist. For now, the power level seems to be unaffected - heck, I even went for a 7 Km run/walk today and was able to run for 25 minutes, and it felt 100% normal. There were no 'power failures' on the way (which, frankly, I expected, so it was a surprise).

But the 'fun' part is probably still in front of me :trixieshiftleft:. I just hope the worst will hit tomorrow and not on Monday...

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Keep us updated on how this attempt to get an acid trip without any acid goes lol



You got it. I'm hoping for some nice hallucinations, but nothing so far :trollestia:


Huk's next challenge:

Wandering into Siberia alone to get some nice krokodil

Just remember, if you see a burning bush, you're going in the right direction.

Huk #5 · May 1st, 2021 · · ·


Man, I may be crazy, but even I have limits. I wouldn't touch krokodil with a long stick! ... then again, I always wanted to visit Siberia :trixieshiftleft:


And if you see the light at the end of the tunnel... run for your life because the train is coming :pinkiegasp:

Was that a Bible reference :unsuresweetie:?

Yeah, of course, man, who knows what kinda stuff they had going on in those times. Psychedelics were a huge thing back then.

Most of the old testament was anecdotal, in my opinion, so drugs are a pretty accurate explanation.

Yeah, people do that quite a bit. It's called not having any food to eat. You can survive that just fine. The body prepares for it by making you fat whenever you have excess calories.



I realize that even water-only fasting is perfectly survivable. The 'three meals per day' plan many take for granted came to life pretty recently. Before that, people were often fasting in one form or another for days because there was no food (my mom told me stories of how she and her sibling were going hungry for days in her youth - especially during the first years after WWII - and all of them survived just fine).

However, the question here is if you can stop yourself from eating anything when the food is available and how the body will react when suddenly going from 2000 Kcal to 0 for a few days. According to the wisdom of the Internet, the reaction varies from person to person and ranges from total exhaustion to feeling euphoric and energetic.

I'm just curious whether I'll be able to pull it off and whether something interesting will happen :unsuresweetie:.

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