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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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There are no brakes on the Feathered Hearts: Eros train · 5:09pm May 1st

With now three full chapters written and a fourth starting production shortly, 20k words are already down on the side story in under two weeks. My muse has grabbed hold of this thing and will not let go. What sucks is that I have to wait to release the ready chapters until I've got the entire story arc written (6-8 chapters?) and then write the next chapter of the regular Feathered Hearts story to link to it.

Okay, I don't have to, but I will, simply because when this thing goes live, I want to be able to release a series of early chapters immediately and the rest every one or two days to hopefully keep the heat on, coinciding it with a Feathered Hearts update to guide both new and returning readers to it.

It's looking good. My prereaders thus far--AJ_Aficionado, Silentwoodfire and Silverblade5 (aka the new Denim_Blue; he's slipped into the role so perfectly that he's even picked up Denim's habit of suggesting stuff that appears in the very next paragraph!)--have really taken to this thing, and have had no end of comments and suggestions for it. It's worth noting again that Fortrakt's surprise boner scene was originally SWF's idea, and he's come up with another couple interesting and tempting suggestions as well that I'm actually going to incorporate.

Without spoiling too much, to this point of what I have written, five humans and four griffons have drunk the "special reserve" cider. It's taking effect in some more quickly than others, but all are gradually but unknowingly falling under its influence, which you may recall from my Nightmare Night and The Lawyer and The Unicorn stories has the effect of slowly but surely evaporating inhibitions and accenting the feel/flavor of everything, including the cider itself, making it so you keep wanting more.

So it's addictive and potentially dangerous; even Applejack would tell you not to have more than a mug or two of it at a time. This is why the Kingdom considers zap apples a controlled substance and wouldn't normally let the cider through customs. How it got through is a surprise to be revealed, but as I said in an earlier blog, there's some intrigue at play here due to a third party, which will be revealed in the first regular story chapter following the side story arc.

That party and their not-at-all-nice intent will become clear in the first regular Feathered Hearts chapter after this one, which will deal with the aftermath, and how they determine what happened/who the culprits are. You may also recall from my other stories that too much zap apple causes short term memory loss as well, so that's how these events will (mostly) not be recalled afterwards and the regular story can resume. Nevertheless, it does happen, and you can expect some wild times and some surprising pairings ahead--yes, even other than the obvious ones. The key is that it's not all done willy-nilly; the characters have to gradually fall into it while still being themselves.

Want at least one hint? Fine. There's one type of interspecies action I've never seen on site that this story will fill. For now, that's all you get. :raritywink:

I'm going to keep writing this for as long as my muse remains engaged, and I'm still enjoying the hell out of it. So far, that doesn't show signs of changing, so we are still full speed ahead. There are no brakes on this train, folks, and when the times comes, I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I am writing it!

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You're moving fast on it. And somehow, it's given me a craving for fried chicken.


Ah, but from which chain? :raritywink:

RoboRed #3 · May 1st · · ·

Choo choo

SPart #4 · May 2nd · · ·

daaaaamn i can't wait for the chapters to drop! good that i got a new e-book reader!
edit: is somebody going to become a real cowboy??!


Choo choo

The Feathered Hearts Eros Express is on the way!


daaaaamn i can't wait for the chapters to drop! good that i got a new e-book reader!

Sorry to make you wait! We'll be aiming for a release at month's end, round about Memorial Day here in the U.S. I want to have at least six chapters finished and ready before launching.

edit: is somebody going to become a real cowboy??!

Well, I'd simply say that the cowgirl position will figure prominently in due course! :rainbowwild:

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