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Pokémon Platinum: Weird Battle · 8:10pm April 29th

This is a weird battle I had the other day while playing Pokémon Platinum. It was just... weird.


Barry: Alright! You ready for a rematch?! I’ll win for sure this time!
Me: Yeah yeah, let’s just get to the part where I bulldoze you.

Ace Trainer Yellowtail VS Pokémon Trainer Barry

Lvl 30: King (Prinplup) | Lvl 25: Staravia
Lvl 27: Orphan (Luxio) | Lvl 27: Grotle
Lvl 26: MONKE (Aipom) | Lvl 23: Ponyta
Lvl 16: Alakazam (Raltz) | Lvl 23: Buizel
Lvl 12: Use? (Budew) |
Lvl 18: Orphan 2.0 (Togepi) |


King is thrown out first, fighting Staravia.

Me: This oughta be easy. Bubblebeam.

King used bubblebeam, earning an OHKO.

Barry sends out Grotle.

Me: Oh, I forgot who Grotle was. Should be fine though, use Peck.
King used peck, and although it was super effective, did very little against him.
Me:... Oh fuck.
Grotle used Magical Leaf. It was super effective, and earned an OHKO against King.
Me: Oh shit- uh- Go, Orphan!

Orphan gives a war cry as it springs into battle.
Me: Use Roar!
Orphan uses Roar, forcing Grotle to switch out with another Pokémon. In this case, Ponyta took Grotle’s place.
Me: Okay, okay I can deal with this. Use Charge!
Orphan charges up, as Ponyta uses Ember. Although it did a worrisome amount of damage, I figured it’d be fine. Until he got burned.
Me: Oh hell. Okay, uuuuuuh- *revives King as Ponyta used Growl* Use?, you’re canon fodder! Go!
Orphan switch out with Use?, who is hit with tackle. He is, of course, one shotted.

Me: Okay, King, you’re up again! *throws out King, who gets ready for battle* use Bubblebeam!
King does so, though Ponyta could get a tackle in. King has, I think, about a forth or third of his health left.

Barry throws in Grotle, who’s still missing a fourth of its health. However, I switch King out with Alakazam.

Alakazam tries to use Confusion, but it was no use since Grotle practically curb stomped her.

Thus, I send in MONKE.
Me: Okay, use Screech!
MONKE uses Screech, lowering Grotle’s attack sharply. Grotle uses Magical Leaf and MONKE’s health gets to around half because of a critical hit. Shit.
Me: Uh, uh, *uses a move to heal King up to three fourths of his health, but MONKE stays strong against Grotle, who uses Absorb* Okay, Screech one more time!

Although MONKE is sure to fall, he wouldn’t have been able to knock out Grotle anyway. So, it’s best to make him lower Grotle’s attack again in order to help King have a shot. As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that I goofed up anyway because Magic Leaf relies on Special Attack, not regular Attack. Oh well.

I send in King, who uses Peck quickly and takes out Grotle. I only have King (who’s at low HP), Orphan (who’s at 4 HP, and burned) and Orphan 2.0 (who only knows one move that could attack, which is Metronome, and I don’t want to gamble at the moment). I keep King in the Ring as Barry throws in his Buizel.

However, although I got Buizel to a forth of its health, it was constantly using Quick Attack. Thus, it took out King faster than I could take out Buizel using Peck. I tried Metal Claw, but it missed.

So now, I have a barely alive Luxio who I can’t heal or help, and a level 18 Togepi that only knew one or two useful moves, going up against a Buizel with more than a fourth of its health left. I decided to say “Fuck it”, and throw Orphan 2.0 in first. I didn’t think it would survive since it had a much lower level and a low attack stat.

However, I completely forgot that it’s Defense stats were pretty high. So, luckily, when Buizel used Water Gun, although it hit, it took off barely a fourth of Orphan 2.0’s health. That’s when he used yawn, and I could feel an insane smile creep on my face. There was no way I’m about to beat Buizel with Metronome, right? But low and behold.

Buizel tries using Quick attack, but it misses. Then, it falls asleep. Togepi’s first ever use of Metronome, and it unleashes a Hydro Pump, which crits and knocks out Buizel. If that’s not poetic, I dunno what is.

Jesus Christ that was a weird battle.

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MONKE uses Screech, lowering Grotle’s attack sharply.


So, it’s best to make him lower Grotle’s attack again in order to help King have a shot. As I’m writing this, it occurs to me that I goofed up anyway because Magic Leaf relies on Special Attack, not regular Attack. Oh well.


Screech (Japanese: いやなおと Unpleasant Tone) is a non-damaging Normal-type move introduced in Generation I. Screech decreases the target's Defense stat by two stat stages.


Jesus Christ that was a weird battle.

I'll say! :rainbowlaugh:

Seconding 5509319 that you forgot what moves do and I spent half the blog annoyed at that.

Look man, I knew I was lowering something, I was so tired writing this- *laughs in depression*

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