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Freedom from the Cold Winter (AKA: Back from Hiatus) · 8:12pm Apr 28th, 2021

Hey, y'all. Been a while, hasn't it?

I know I've said this time and time again, but I cannot apologize enough for the unannounced hiatus. To put it simply, 2020 was a pretty crazy time; in the world at large, obviously, but also, to some extent, within the fandom itself. And, well, I'm afraid I just couldn't keep up with it all. I tried, mind you—I really did—but I just couldn't bring myself to finish any of the things I started. My heart just wasn't in it.

It wasn't a total write-off, though: whilst my own creativity was stalling, I took up a part-time role as a proofreader-slash-editor for other writers' stories. Here are some of the fics I've helped out with:

Rarity discovers a strand of gray hair in her mane.
Jarvy Jared · 13k words  ·  95  8 · 849 views
Cozy Glow plays chess with her father
BronyWriter · 5k words  ·  83  5 · 932 views
TLove After Life
Gallus and Sandbar both die saving the world and enter Heaven. As they discover more about the place, they learn about new feelings about themselves and each other.
CrackedInkWell · 101k words  ·  67  14 · 1.5k views
EOne More Chance
A father wants one more chance.
BronyWriter · 12k words  ·  50  4 · 717 views

I wholeheartedly recommend checking all of them out if/when you get the chance.

(On a related note, if any of you ever need a second pair of eyes, shoot me a PM! I'll see what I can do.)

All the same, I want 2021 to be a different story.

Sometime later today, I'm going to publish a little anthology of the things I actually managed to put together last year. It's mostly stuff I did for the Flashfic group (considering checking it out, BTW—it's quite fun!), plus a few miscellaneous ≈200-word snippets I couldn't stretch out. Hopefully at least one of them will suit your individual fancies.

After that, well... I can't make any concrete guarantees. I have no shortage of stories I want to finish, but I'm not sure which one will get finished first, let alone when exactly that will happen. But rest assured, I'm trying my damnedest to get back into the swing of things. With luck, you'll hear from me again sometime soon.

Until then, take care!

P.S. If you've made it this far, could you please consider leaving a comment? It would be nice to know if somebody here actually remembers me.

EDIT: It's out!

EOdds 'n' Ends
Flashes of everyday (and, in some cases, not-so-everyday) life in Ponyville, Equestria, and the lands beyond.
TheAncientPolitzanian · 4.1k words  ·  11  5 · 294 views
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Hi. Glad you’re back. I might ask you to look at a few of my more serious stories if I ever get them close enough to publishing that I get to the editing stage. Obviously I don’t need people to edit my shit fics.

Want to write a dumb collab sometime?

I still need to introduce my roommate to


Hi. Glad you’re back.

Glad to be back! Hopefully it'll stick this time.

Want to write a dumb collab sometime?

Maybe? I've tried writing pseudo-crackfics in the past, but I've never been all that good at them IMO.

How would we go about it? Just curious.

I usually do them in Google docs either communicating with my collab partner directly in the doc or like using discord or a phone or some other system to discuss stuff

Fair enough. I don't think I have a Google Docs account (I've been getting by with other programs for the most part), so if we went that route, you'd probably have to adjust the document's settings so I could edit it anonymously or something. Would that work?

I think I'd like to publish one or two normal-ish fics first, just to fully regain my bearings, but I'd definitely be interested in some sort of collaboration down the line!

Yeah for sure. Best of luck with getting back into writing, and I’ll check in in a few months!

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