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I finished binge-watching The Owl House · 3:37am Apr 27th, 2021

I'm glad I made the right decision and OMG, what an amazing show Dana Terrace has ever created! Throw in the fact that it's the first ever Disney animated series to have an LGBTQ+ character as the main protagonist. Absolutely groundbreaking! I also appreciate that Luz Noceda is of Dominican descent and it's so refreshing to see representation of Hispanic culture.

The character that I like the most is Willow Park because she is relatable to those who were bullied all throughout their life. She eventually became confident with her abilities in the plant track thanks to the encouragement of Luz and Gus Porter and she proved herself to become an admirable and respectable student in Hexside.

The character that I hate the most is Boscha because she is a mean-spirited and condescending social media-obsessed bully who thinks she is way superior to everyone in Hexside. The grudgby match episode brings out her incredibly worst traits as she kept tormenting Luz, Willow, and Gus, seeing them as "weak and incompetent". The twat eventually got her comeuppance when Amity Blight severed ties with her and her friends congratulated Willow for a good game.

Oh and before I forget, I would just like to say that the dance of Luz and Amity to defeat the Grometheus is just fantastic. The animation is so well-done and Amity having a crush on Luz makes me want to see further development of their relationship. I STAN LUMITY!!!

I don't care for the homophobic opinions of Hannah Williamson and other narrow-minded fundies who claim themselves as "Christians". Them attacking the show because it contains LGBTQ+ representation and it "promotes witchcraft and Satanism" further adds to the negative reputation of the Christian community.

With all that being said, I look forward to watch the 2nd season and what it has to offer. Hopefully, we would find out who the impersonator of Luz is.

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