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What to do for 10 years? · 8:09pm April 26th

Some of you may have realized that this August will be the 10 year anniversary of Rainbow Factory. The story, specifically, was released August 19 2011.

Being back in the fandom for such an auspicious occasion, I feel like I should capture the moment, celebrate, or do something special.

I’ve had a couple ideas but I’d like to know what my followers think would be a fun or interesting thing to do on August 19. So... what do you think? Any ideas?

Comments ( 43 )

Don't have any ideas, I'm afraid. Just thought it was funny that, due in large part to me being a relative latecomer to the fandom, I didn't recognize that you were the person who wrote Rainbow Factory until, like, a few months ago. I still recognize you more from Wayward Glance and Leave a Light On than I do from Rainbow Factory.

Why not write a reboot of the Rainbow Factory?

How about continuing it? And Insane Older Dash haunted by her friend?

10 YEARS!?!?! Wow, starting to feel old... well whatever you do I’m sure we will enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Some kind of live reading event could be fun. I bet you could get some people to sign on as actors to read as certain characters. Maybe a call for illustrations, too! I know lots of people, myself including, would be happy to relive it-- especially as a group

My Little Rainbow Dashie Factory

Pat yourself on the back for creating arguably the most popular fic on this site.

my friend, have I got fantastic news for you about a little fic called Pegasus Device and its sequel!

Seriously though, congrats, Aurora.

flex on everyone

ez pz

Considering that Rainbow Factory is my personal favorite MLP creepypasta, you should do another sequel. But even if you don't it doesn't matter to me, after all, it is your masterpiece.

I would voice in a heart beat

there is two sequels, and don't know if there would be anywhere else to go from reckoning, but I have a idea what about a prequel there is one I know called Rainbows descent which was pretty ok, but a prequel to show how Rainbow Dash got there and the horrors that she experienced, sense in Rainbow Factory the way she explains it to Scootaloo is that she is also a victim not just villian. I feel a little life could be breathed into Rainbow Dash

You know, to me, being known for my recent work is way cooler to me than RF hitting 10 years. That's so amazing to hear, thanks for commenting!!

This was one of the options I was considering, but in trying to expand on the story I couldn't think of enough content to fill it while keeping pacing and atmosphere. If inspiration strikes me between now and then, it might still happen, but I can't promise it =/

Silent Whisper covered me on this, but I did write two novels in that universe already XD

This would be fun! Definitely one to keep on the table. On the topic of soliciting illustrations, that makes me think of maybe running a Rainbow Factory writing contest? If I could find some interested parties in contributing to a prize pool, and discuss with some people experienced with running contests... Might be a lot of fun!

So a fic about a trailer trash dash who keeps pumping out lil dashies for the support money?

I was merely the vessel through which the muse of nyquil and high fever wrote it. Nevertheless, I have gave myself a nice little pat on the back. Thank you for your suggestion :3

Thanks! There's also a prequel now too!

But I desperately need people to like me jay D=

See above. Thanks for the nice comment, though! ^_^

I just mentioned this above, but there already is a prequel. XD

....Oh XD is it the one about music?

I'm there for any and all of it!! Anniversaries are hella fun so whoop it up dude. You know I'll gladly contribute with some RF art and/or writing of my own, and I'd be happy to judge entries or help out with a live reading, too!


"So, like, you do this for the welfare, or...?"
"It turns out that you can just sell horses in the mirror universe."
"You've been selling your children—"
"Don't give me that bullshit, Applejack, I've heard you talk politics when drunk!"

What if you made a special edition physical omnibus of all the Rainbow Factory stories and novels you wrote? Maybe have us fund it on indiegogo to help cover the cost? I know I'd get a copy for sure!

Realistically that's kind of a big project, but I've seen several popular fics get funded and I have several physical fanfiction hardbacks that look really good in person. I think it could be a really cool idea if you decide to go that route!

Something like... this?


I did a trial print via Lulu a couple months back, and I’m very happy with the quality. It’s definitely an option, and likely to go for sale. I just want to tweak a couple things now that I see how the pdf translates to print.

Why not start a group, and have other authors write their own spin off and/or sequel to the story? Maybe even have a contest? Not saying they have to be canon or anything. But it would still be cool.

Congrats Aurora!

Interesting idea, I’ve read a few spin offs from other writers. Did start one myself a while ago but stopped work on it to focus on my other fics.

Fried chicken for everyone? :scootangel:

That would be awesome. It would be cool to have some drawings made for some scenes too.

My dream came true... Just like I imagined!
(Though it's not just trilogy now, since there's prequel included. And I REALLY hope there will be more in the future... ;) )

But really, I don't have any worth ideas. :O

That looks good! I really like that cover and the colors, I'll definitely pick that up once you get it finalized!


Thanks! There's also a prequel now too!

I mean, I highly recommend that one too, but I'd feel almost biased listing that one first, all things considered. :twilightsmile:

TFW you realize your birthday and that of a famous horror story are only a week apart from one another.

Hmm... 10 years, eh? I am very tempted to make another run at that big RF re-imagining story I tried to write a year ago. But with the inevitable size of it (I'm guessing around 50k) and my writing speed as of late, I'm not confident I could release it in time to coincide with that anniversary. A pity.

*Runs some numbers*

...I take it back, that might actually be doable. Now I'm all conflicted on my priorities!

I really wanted to novelize it but could not for the life of me figure out how to pack it up to 50k+. Just yesterday I did have an idea of a retelling of it, but I’m quite curious about what you had in mind!

Also that would be the coolest thing. If you do end up working on it, please let me know! 😁

I've sworn off writing anymore big stories. Then again, to me "Big Story" is defined as 70k+ words, so this would be fine provided I can keep my ambitions and writing style in check.

Perhaps I'll PM you later with my current ideas. You can help me brainstorm ways to keep it from becoming a beast in its own right.

I am absolutely down for that. Even if nothing comes of it I’m always overjoyed to spitball ideas back and forth.

Ok, I can't come with ideas about "celebrating" this big event... But maybe I have some ideas about "gift". :)

If fate allows, then when great day comes, I will post set of vector illustrations about Rainbow Factory (and Pegasus Device too, in the best case) stories I planned to make and include them to translated versions of fics, as part of one big project I once planned about Rainbow Factory fanfic universe (or as it is called now, Pegasus Device universe.)

Oh that would be awesome!!

I don't know how realistic this is, but if you could get WoodenToaster on board to do a co-celebration thingy that would be amazing!

You've already done a sort-of retrospective on RF and Pegasus Device, what went into making them, what it's like looking back at them now, that sort of thing, so on that front I'm not really sure.

I've seen ideas of writing contests, collaborative works, a limited-run physical printing of the stories, and those all seem like swell ideas, too.

More than anything, though, the fact that you're in a much better place in life now compared to ten years ago is what's worth celebrating the most.

I think Awoken won that one by a mile. Majority of everyone i have talked to thought Awoken was cannon to Rainbow Factory

I had a idea earlier today while I was on break. What if there was a story about what happened to Scootaloo between the events of Rainbow Factory and Pegasus Device. How was she so broken? How did she forget who she was, and her cutie mark? How did she forget the outside world? It was a thought that hit me, and I was thinking of numerous characters like Gentle, Dr.Atmosphere, Cloud Cover, Corona, etc. I am curious how Dr.Atmosphere got there. Cause it seems based on what he said in Pegasus Device was that he was afraid till he saw the first Rainbow and saw how happy Equestria was. Sorry for this being so long I want to do anything I can to keep this going. Lol it's like a anime you love so much you don't want it to have the "The End"

I have no ideas but I first read rainbow factory at 12 years old and was obsessed... I am now 20. You were part of my childhood, weirdly :twilightblush:

Now, this might be a slightly weird place to ask this, but...
Well, I actually thought about creating a few small "fans-songs" inspired by Rainbow Factory for its 10th anniversary. So I just thought I'd ask for permission first (and if yes, should I credit you in any other way than the usual FimFiction-pages?). I'm only going to upload these on Youtube and I'm also gonna turn off monetarization.

Thanks for writing these awesome stories! (your new ones too, obviously :twilightsmile:)

Oh, hell yeah! You don’t have to turn monetization off for a song you made.

Do remember that Glaze made the song, though! But no I’ve always supported fan creations of the Rainbow Factory stories! 😁

You gotta make a blog post telling us when you figure something out. Art, music, writing, I'd be happy to participate in any.

Oh yeah huh I probably should, thanks for the heads up

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