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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Macro Lyra Heartstrings? · 12:39pm Apr 26th, 2021

Since the fandom (fan fiction/etcetera) version of Lyra has a love for humans. How would a big Lyra Heartstring interact with them? Let's say, ponies on average are the size of african bush elephants?Or just interact with a lone human in equestria, if you want mor simple story.

If you want to go totally crazy. The average pony is the size of a giant cruise ship. (or bigger again, whatever size you want)

Comments ( 8 )

I'm largely indifferent to anything involving Lyra's human-based eccentricities.

That's fine. I am only a semi fan of it for the most part.

I want a giant Lyra to treat New York like a huge Lego city set, even better if she builds the rescue helicopter.

I'd love it!

She'd be very happy to finally see a human! Even if they were tiny and smaller than she had imagined. She'd inspect and poke n' prod all over their body... and then when the human shows applications for hand usage (belly rubs, petting, squeezing, fingering, etc.) she'd probably fall even more in love with humans, or just the main human character.

And maybe show said human to a shocked Bon-Bon, who promptly finds out she too likes humans.

The human could have double macro big pony action. With weight protection they could take turns sitting on him.

macro lyra stories? Hell yeah!

5507503 sounds neat
how about a story, where giant lyra comes to earth, to study human culture?
while the humans are quite overwhelmed by the sheer power of their alien visitor, lyra is amazed by how such a weak species without any powers could survive in a world, where nearly any animal is stronger than them.

she could also find it adorable, that humans view magic as some sort of supernatural force, when in actuality, its completely scientific. And while the humans might view her as some sort of op god like creature, (since shes technically the largest, most powerful being on the planet), she herself doesnt see herself as that strong, as her magic is surpassed by the likes of twilight, starlight and especially celestia, and in terms of physical strength, she never really trained, so even an average earth pony could easily overpower her. Shes still flattered by how the humans think of her though.

Could be fun at the military to show up and start shooting. Lyra does not react in violence. She thinks they are welcoming her by giving her massage by shooting her with vullets and explosives. All, they end up doing is arousing her and making her grow larger. They stop shooting after a while realizing is not working. Lyra whines sadly when they stop shooting her.

yup, and after they start communicating, theres still room for hijinks. Like, the humans might try to use megaphones when talking to her, (even though her hearing is good enough to understand them anywas) which lyra could interpret as a human custom, that one should speak loudly to guests.

Also if ponies and humans dont naturally speak the same language, and lyra has to use her giant brain to learn it fast, she still might not pick up on figure of speech.

Lyra might also be oblivious to the fact, that shes giant, like when humans yell "a giant!" she might turn around and say "where?", after all shes a normal sized pony, the humans are just really small.

As for the growing stuff, it would be interesting, if she has a natural gigantic size, but after peeking through the portal, she shrinks herself to a smaller, (but still giant) size. And when the humans tickle her with weapons, it breaks her concentration, which causes the spell to loose effect. Also if she uses the spell too much, it could rubberband in the other direction: like if the spell has a time limit of 1 hour, and she overuses the spell by spending 2 hours at half her size, shed have to spend 2 hours at double her normal size afterwards, as penalty.

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