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On Respect, Rules, and Enforcement · 6:44am Apr 26th, 2021

The Ch. 29 draft is at 5k words. If you don't take part in the site community at all, this blog probably isn't relevant to you. Now, onto the matter at hand.

Bear with me here. I know, I haven't updated in two months, and I really do hate that the first time you hear from me in so long is for something like this, but I think it's something that ought to be said. I know I'm not a big-time author but I have my own little base, and I feel a personal obligation to speak up.

The political cancer infesting this site for the past year has been, uh... cancerous. As much as I believe in freedom of expression and that people should be open to hearing the positions of others, it seems that any mention of politics, or even just writing about something tangentially related to politics, leads to a bloody battle in the comments where people sling insults with extreme prejudice. I've seen people accused of being rapists or pedophiles, mothers told that they're destined to sodomize their children, husbands told that their wives are animals, and the creation of two distinct cliques that each think the opposing side are all evil villains acting in bad faith to destroy society, or something. Wherever these sides meet, the whole site suffers.

In an ideal world, people would be able to discuss their politics with a semblance of respect for each other, and those who crossed the line would be firmly chided, then moderated more strictly if they prove they can't restrain themselves. Per the rules, that's how this site is supposed to be run. But for whatever reason, that doesn't seem to be the case, and the end result is an ever-expanding haze of animosity that sours the experience for everyone that comes here just to read about cute ponies flying around in airships.

The rules need to be enforced, and enforced fairly. When one user takes things to a personal level, they need to be moderated swiftly to better encourage an atmosphere of respect. It feels like the wild west out here; I know we have mods, but I barely ever see their hand, and it's not because we're all so friendly as to not need them.

But I'm not here just to criticize the mods; if I was, I could just send some DMs without bothering you all. I think it rests on all of us to help the mods do their job, to help foster a culture of friendship, or at least respect. Please, don't descend to making personal attacks, no matter how upset you may be. Don't write angry letters about how much you hate someone else, and don't block them so they can't even respond. Assume that everyone is talking in good faith and try to work towards some mutual understanding if not a compromise. And if you see people breaking the rules, report them. Don't take it on yourself to strike back with aggression or hatred, just report them. Help the mods find the problem users that spread hatred so the mods can work with them and make the site a friendlier, happier place.

And to the mods I say, I appreciate you. I know it's a lot of effort to moderate a site this size, for no pay, entirely on your free time. I'm not envious of your position. If you're overworked, I'd encourage you to ask for help or consider a new approach. Banning politics wholesale might be a potential, efficient solution.

Don't let the community fester like this. Please enforce the rules.

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I've seen you, Georg, PaulAsaran, and a few others trying to engage respectfully in the comments of various blogs and getting shat on for not submitting to the bullying. I honestly don't know where you get your wellspring of patience and calm; I don't think I could take half the abuse and condescension without getting snarky in reply. Hell, I'm guilty of getting into the bullshit over the last few days, myself.

It's time to just fucking ban politics from blogs. It'd neatly resolve 90% of the crap and shit flinging. Rules enforcement treats the symptoms; banning politics cures the disease.

Civility needs to make a comeback in society.

While I’m not completely sure of what’s set this off, I have noticed many a hostel comments on anything remotely political, which unfortunately in our current climate is seeping into every corner of the internet. I just hope this doesn’t lead to another derpibooru type event. But will have to see, abs be better to each other

I agree, people are so rude even to me

I have gotten to the point I have stopped taking aside. Of course, I am a far-left-minded person. I believe most of what folks are fighting for but going after people for having a view other than my own? yeah no, that is not how it works. I stopped taking a side back in the 2010s attacking the other side because you don't agree. Even the right does this not just the left. People need to think before allowing their emotions to take over.

I suppose it's just a natural inclination of mine. I've never been quick to anger, and I feel more pity or embarrassment for the types of people that seem eager to paint me as their enemy. It's very reassuring, really, to hear that people have noticed my efforts, and to know that I wasn't just talking to brick walls for nothing.

Although I generally agree with this, I can understand where people come from when they say that we cannot be civil about some things. There is a time where force and violence is called for, when it's even the responsible thing to do in the face of open aggression. But this is far from the place, and I think that's the big thing that many vocal and aggressive posters misunderstand; they seem to think they're fighting for justice by insulting people online and trying to radicalize their communities.

I think we're safe, more or less. Knighty is very invested in keeping his website healthy, he just needs people to tell him when there's a problem and be clear that it's serious.

Don't act like you're completely innocent here, Artist. I've seen you getting very aggressive in comment sections as well. But I'm sure we can all agree to be more considerate towards each other.

I'm a left-leaning centrist, maybe moderate left myself. It makes it quite funny when people call me a Nazi because I'm not radical enough for them. I'm all for political discourse but it has to be done with respect and thought; otherwise you might as well stop talking and start shooting.

The more time I've spent in political conversations with other tribes, especially those that have an adversarial tone, the more I've come to recognize is that I'm not engaging with the individuals I'm talking to -- they're not going to be convinced, aren't looking to be convinced, and odds are they're just looking to score petty ingroup good boy points with their peers by heaping scorn on the outgroup. I'm trying to engage with the people they're attacking or shaming or trying to subordinate into their cancerous moral authoritarianism.

If the moral authoritarians try to call everyone who supported free speech during the Aryanne controversy as being partly responsible for the FedEx shooter, then someone needs to stand up and call that utter bullshit.

This isn't to say I'm not guilty of tribal signalling or heaping scorn on shit I disagree with. I very much am; fuck knows I do not have the patience for that. But I admire you and the others I mentioned for the fact that you do. Figured it was worth mentioning, so you know.

The thing is, branding something as "politics" and then saying that we can no longer discuss it because it is "political" is itself a highly political statement. It's effectively saying "I support the status quo, and I'm unwilling to listen to anyone hurt by the status quo". It's saying "only my politics are valid". Calls for "civility" are also typically nothing more than tone policing, it's a common tactic used predominantly by the Right and Center-Left to dismiss the pain and anger of oppressed and marginalized peoples and refuse to acknowledge their experiences, while attempting to paint themselves as more reasonable than the victims of the status quo.

The fact is, this community does have a problem with fascists, with paedophiles, with incels, and their sympathizers. It's bad enough that it's been noticed even by mainstream news outlets. It's easy enough to see here, if you simply go search for the various neo-nazi and paedophile terminology and their obvious euphemisms. The fact that so few people in the fandom are even willing to acknowledge the problem, let alone do anything about it, is rather disturbing; and makes it clear that they didn't really learn anything about the values taught by the show from the start.

Friendship is only possible between people acting in good faith, civility is only possible when the society itself is civil. Asserting that one has to make friends, or at least act friendly toward, with those who do not even consider your existence to be valid, is to take the side of the bad actors and contribute to the aforementioned oppression and marginalization of vulnerable peoples.

Creating a "culture of friendship" is predicated on removing those from the culture who are antithetical to it, those who are advocating for, or tacitly supporting, the murder, enslavement, oppression, disenfranchisement, abuse, or otherwise marginalization of minorities and other vulnerable peoples. One cannot openly support neo-nazis and still claim to be an "inclusive" community; and one cannot openly support child sexual abuse (however one chooses to euphemize it), and still claim to be "safe for everyone".

The reason people are speaking out, often angrily, is that the mods have already made it clear that they're not willing to do anything about the bad actors. The sheer volume of neo-nazi and similar fascist content, the sheer volume of incel and similarly violent misogynist content, and sheer volume of child sexual abuse content, makes it quite clear that they're perfectly happy to have this material and these bad actors on the site. Hell, the rules explicitly permit child sexual abuse content as long as it's suitably euphemized (ie. involves ostensibly non-human characters).

[qutoe]If the moral authoritarians try to call everyone who supported free speech during the Aryanne controversy as being partly responsible for the FedEx shooter, then someone needs to stand up and call that utter bullshit.If you provide a safe haven for violent fascist ideologies, for those who advocate for the murder of anyone insufficiently like them, then you don't get to claim the moral high ground when those same violent fascists go out and act on their ideology while displaying their association to your community. Trying to paint this as "free speech" is nothing but a cheap rhetorical gimmick that misrepresents -- deliberately or otherwise -- what free speech actually is and means.

One of the issues with banning politics from blogs is that neither side agrees on what is or isnt politics, at least as far as I've seen. So what is politics ends up being down to whichever side of the aisle your on. For example while I would consider anything related to trans issues to be a contested political position, I have got pushback typically along the lines of "Human rights are not political" regardless of whether or not I agree with that. If someone makes a blog about how their depressed about how their family is trying to kick them out for being gay, is that political? I would argue that it is, and whether or not you agree with me, the point is that it's going to be impossible to have a non-partisan opinion on it.

Enforcing a no-politics rule would require clear discussion on what politics actually are in this context, and as a result are subject to the same problems of inconsistent enforcement we already have.


If you provide a safe haven for violent fascist ideologies, for those who advocate for the murder of anyone insufficiently like them, then you don't get to claim the moral high ground when those same violent fascists go out and act on their ideology while displaying their association to your community.

Imagine thinking this is about claiming a moral high ground. Setting aside everything else: Just imagine. Because the truth is that there is no moral high ground to be taken, from which you can bully others, here. No one in this fandom is responsible for what the FedEx shooter did, but that's an inconvenient truth for you, isn't it? After all, if everyone is an adult who recognizes that they're not responsible for the actions of a mentally-ill person they've never met, in a state they've never visited, for a cause they wouldn't support, then you wouldn't have a moral cudgel with which to beat them over the head. That'd be such a shame, wouldn't it?

After all, if people recognize that, you no longer have your precious moral high ground, where you can perch in your emperor's clothes and pretend to be the only moral one here. Seriously, who looks at a mass shooting and thinks, "I bet that edgy cartoon horse had something to do with this! I can use this to smear and shame people I disagree with on the internet!"

Brandon Asshole was a depressed, suicidal maniac who killed 8 people, while waifuing a cartoon horse, and you're trying to tell me that freedom loving people are partly responsible for those murders because we don't want to see censorship of an entirely different cartoon horse, or of anything else.

Nice moral high ground ya got there, bud.

Trying to paint this as "free speech" is nothing but a cheap rhetorical gimmick that misrepresents -- deliberately or otherwise -- what free speech actually is and means.

I don't think you even understand what it means. Writing about or creating art of something is not an endorsement of that thing; liking art or writing of something is not an endorsement of that thing.

Very true, and very reasonable. Honestly, an alternative I've wondered about is removing blogs altogether. It'd certainly side-step the issue of "What is politics?" Bringing up trans rights is certainly a good example; perhaps targeted banning discussing wider political topics/trends/events? So, nothing about elections, political parties, hot button social issues? If the blog doesn't relate to cartoon horse or cartoon horse fics, it has to go? The idea makes my skin crawl to some degree, since I hate censorship, but it'd neatly resolve most of the tribal bullshit and shitstorms that arise from culture war nonsense, and I include myself in that.

Yes, I support the status quo of this My Little Pony fanfiction website. I don't think there's any need to ban foalcon, noncon, RGRE, or even shitty wish-fulfillment HiE starring Anon. I don't think we have a problem with fascists or pedophiles. I've met and am on good terms with many of the people that more aggressive cliques brand as "fascist" or "pedophile" and in my experience they're just normal people with a slight moderate lean. By the standards of some people on this site I myself am a fascist and yet I've never placed right on a political compass test in my life.

I think you'd find more support with your cause if you were more careful with who you directed it at. I can recall perhaps one or two occasions of someone being branded "fascist" or "pedophile" and actual valid evidence being posted to support it. I'd say the great majority of people here have far narrower ideas of what constitutes a "fascist" or a "pedophile" than you do, which often leads to them being labeled in a similar way, which only makes such accusations sound more and more arbitrary.

Do you have evidence that someone intends to or is actively hurting others or breaking the law? Send that evidence to the appropriate authority. It's not the responsibility of FimFic mods to enforce real life law. If some author went out and killed ten people, spammed child porn on Facebook, and then raped a horse somewhere, there's no reason for the FimFic mods to do anything to them. As the rules say: Fimfiction is not a place for public criminal accusations. Please go to the police or talk to staff about criminal matters.

If you don't have any evidence, then take a deep breath and step back. If someone is bothering you, you can block them. Block evasion is against the rules, after all, so you may feel free to block every perceived "fascist" or "pedophile" on the site and enjoy a space free of such people. Getting angry and attacking others because you don't like the fictional content they create, content which you're free to avoid or even downvote at your leisure, is frankly immature and unproductive.

And keep in mind, banning politics is really a last resort to me for reasons others have already brought up. I'd rather if the rules were just better enforced so that people could discuss their views in peace. But if the moderators don't have the manpower and are unwilling to expand, then banning politics may be a necessary compromise.

See thats the problem, people want to write about those topics, the community in general is a big fan of yuri as an example, and that by some is seen as political. I dont often or at all use the blog feature, im here for horse fiction. But in talking about horse fiction, the fiction often covers modern events and suddenly a blog about the latest chapter of CRISIS: Equestria is suddenly a political hotbed because of a choice the author made. Talking about gay ships can be considered political. If we're banning any topic there is going to be backlash. Personally i am okay with a chan-esque culture when involved with politics, but i speak only for myself. I don't agree with some of the rules here and I'm willing to call them out, but if the rules are going to be enforced i want them to be bipartisan as impossible as that may seem

As the turnip horse says, even choosing not to take a stand on politics is viewed as political. I dont agree with it, but thats a point of view being argued. And im sure it would argue that the rules shouldnt have a political bias which by not having a stand on politics, it would argue its making a political point. Fact is you can't please everyone, I think the vast majority of users can accept a no politics stand as apolitical but that will spur on people like turnip horse to sperg out over it. Coming down hard on percieved rightwingers is going to have TS's group up in arms and doing the same for the lefties who understand that not everything has to be politcal will bring turnip horse's and Wanderer D's groups to sperg out as well. No matter what you do, you can't win. How i would handle it is seperate from what others and i dont have a solution that will make everybody happy

Death to the blog function! Jokes aside, I don't give a damn what people write stories about, provided they're not breaking any rules. Blogs are the main source of garbage, anyway, since those are what result in the most shit-flinging and bogus accusations of racism/fascism/sexism/communism/homophobia/etc./etc. I wouldn't mind the blog function were it not for that.

I honestly despise the idea that choosing to remain apolitical is a political choice. No political side is entitled to my support.

I do too, the "I just want to grill" attitude should be fostered

I just wanna pony, for god's sake!

Blogs are, an iffy subject at best. I often drop blogs just to let folks know I am alive because I write so damn slow. :twilightblush: With that said... Did something happen again? We all getting called out on a select group of crazies?

Are we not a group of love and tolerance?

I agree, we need to help the mods, but also try and be a nicer and more respectful group of pony loving people.

Keep calm pony on?

the mods are in a tizzy because TS made a blog post about the chauvin trial and how it ended the way she expected it and she came away 500$ richer for betting on injustice in her view. something that earned her a 700 word essay about how much shes a terrible person and no I dont want to talk to you I blocked you from a mod and a temporary ban. frankly it's a little tiresome

Some people can be such idiots... pardon my bluntness.

Since we're on the topic of consistent rules enforcement on what qualifies as political and the like, i find it interesting that you bring this up when in places where you are in charge, that is how your team moderates.

You got banned over a 40k rules argument, not politics. As much as I find your political views extremely questionable, I would never let you get banned over them. Let's recap what actually happened.

  1. You incite a dumb argument about 40k rules with a mod. Not a naturally occurring argument, but you actually pinged them and said "argue 40k rules now." This argument goes on for two hours. Weird, but nothing wrong yet.
  2. The mod gets annoyed and is convinced that you're just trolling out of boredom because you just keep repeating the same points and ignoring quotes from the 40k rulebook. Mod warns you that they're going to mute you for trolling, and you persist. You're muted for 1 hour—enough to be firm but really just a slap on the wrist.
  3. You pursue mod into DMs in order to continue arguing this point that mod just muted you for. Mod warns you in DMs that you're evading the mute—which was about pushing a stupid argument, not related to politics at all—and says that you'll be banned if you send them another message.
  4. For some reason you decide to immediately respond with "Youre a moron."
  5. Mod bans you, and somehow you're surprised.

I don't know what to tell you. You had every conceivable chance to decide not to die on this extremely arbitrary hill. Out of the four people permabanned from my server across five years, this is the most open and shut case yet. Although I will miss your unique perspective in my political channel and your thoughtful conversation about my fic, I have no remorse for you, and will not be overriding my mod's decision to escalate when you refused to back down and harassed them in DMs. Hopefully this won't harm your enjoyment of my story, and I'd welcome your thoughts on said story as comments on FimFic.

Well allow me to rebut. I see no meaningful difference between arguing over politics and arguing over anything else. People argue passionately over all sorts of things and a reasonable person would believe that if a certain set of rules apply to one kind of debate, the same rules would apply to another especially if that other from a third party perspective is considerably less important. furthermore, when initiating the argument the fact that he was a moderator couldn't have mattered less to me. I argued with him as another 40k player, it didnt matter if he was a brand new addition or you, and had he simply said "no, I dont want to argue about the rules of a hobby I enjoy" I was perfectly happy with leaving it at that.

Back to the point about arguing over politics I'll put the argument in another way, You're telling me that if I had argued in favor of white nationalism and that certain groups of people should be put into camps and killed that would be fine whereas am argument over rules syntax in the context of a tabletop wargame with plastic toy soldiers is worthy of a ban I find particularly absurd. though if you have a point that justifies it I'm all ears and willing to be convinced.

Now the next point I shall address I'll have to preface with my personal position on moderation. I understand that it isnt a universal position, and we may disagree on it. though I am led to believe that it is a common belief. Moderation, regardless of context ultimately lies with the head of the organization. For example in a work setting, if I make a mistake, and am not chastised for it appropriately that is a reflection on my manager. If a police officer says something as he is acting in his role as a police officer that is a reflection of the position of the police department and ultimately the chief of police and whoever happens to be above him. The part where I likely diverge from others beliefs is that concept applies to internet communities as well. Wanderer D is a reflection of Knighty's beliefs because he acts as a moderating arm for his website. So too does psy and Noc represent your beliefs when they act as moderators in your server.

The point of this aside is to illustrate my next point. When, and forgive me since I've been banned and cannot independently verify, Noc stated;granted it could have been you I'm unsure; That moderators are held to a higher standard then the average user I argue that he was acting in his role as a moderator and therefore on your behalf.

So when psy suggested that I was trolling, which in the context of the conversation I took to mean that he was claiming that I didnt actually believe in the points i was making and was arguing in bad faith and acting maliciously.I believe a reasonable person would assume that would be a personal attack and an insult.

More succinctly, "I disagree with you, therefore you're a troll"

As for specifically as to why he felt I was being a troll, I could make the same claim about him. Ignoring specific pieces of the rulebook and going around in circles. I don't because you have, in my opinion personally, stated that its important to believe everyone involved is arguing in good faith. so I don't do that as generally I agree with the practice.

Arguing over rules for a hobby isnt explicitly against the rules and even if I was acting in bad faith and merely speaking to get a rise out of him, in other words trolling, that isnt explicitly against the rules either. You personally have expressed had you been involved in the discussion at this juncture you would have told your moderator to cool it. I take this as an admitment of fault on the moderators part.

Rule 11 explicitly states that if you have a problem with how a moderator rules on something you're supposed to DM them about it, I had a problem with how the moderator acted so I followed the guidelines from the message you posted and messaged the moderator about it. he responded by threatening to ban me if I tried to argue further in the 40k discussion. So I complied, and then criticized him because of his moderating decision, a matter at best tangentially related to the 40k discussion that he told me to drop.

I'll admit,this is where I lost my temper and where I actually erred. I criticized his moderating by calling him a moron. This was a direct violation of, I want to say ,rule 1 which if I remember correctly said something along the lines of you werent allowed to make personal attacks either publicly or privately. Regardless of whether or not its just to enforce rules of a server outside it the fact remains that personal attacks are not allowed and I broke the rules by sinking to psy's level. I think a reasonable person could argue for leniency if both involved parties are slinging mud. but ultimately that would have been up to you. for you to uphold the ban given these facts I would argue directly contradicts the position you hold that you have very lax rules enforcement on your community. Being banned for not following rules that are explicitly stated and a juvenile insult is not lax rules enforcement and I dont think a reasonable person would agree with the statement that it would be.

Evading the mute would imply that I started a brand new account and joined to continue the conversation in the #creations channel, direct messaging the mod over it, which rule 11 encourages directly, is following the rules to the letter. The rules that you posted personally explicitly state "If you have a problem with a decision that a moderator made, take it to DMs

five messages across 5 minutes does not qualify as harassment and the rules you posted explicitly encourage the way I acted. you claimed that psy is your most explicit follower of the rules you put out and yet he was the one who escalated the situation by claiming I was acting with malice and that I did not believe what I was speaking of. That is a direct attack on my person and a direct contradiction of your claim that he follows your rules. He is the one that escalated, and I met him there. Your moderators claim that they are held to higher standards then the average user, and yet i was treated more harshly then he was, or would a reasonable person consider "Moron" to be a greater insult then "Conspiracy Theorist gay hating bigot. It also doesnt help his case when "Lowkey everyone wanted him gone" and "we considered banning him for his bad takes" are quotes of him from a reliable source, assuming those are accurate it suggests an ulterior motive behind my ban. Just look at the results now he doesnt have to hear my political opinions anymore.

That all being said I cant actually say that banning me for rules I was expected to comply with not listed in your #info channel. I believe rule 10 covers this in that the moderation team reserves the right to enforce rules not listed up to and including banning. That kind of rule directly leads me to my next point.

In your blog post you decry fimfiction for not fairly enforcing rules, you want people to engage civilly with one another under the assumption that each person is acting in good faith. however when one of your own decides that someone isnt he immediately sinks down to the level of throwing out insults, you defend him and his actions. How can you in good conscience expect anything different of the fimfiction staff. You do not enforce your rules fairly. I'm not going to insist you let me come back, your moderator acted within the purview of rule 10 and ultimately you are responsible for that, if you dont want me a
to be a part of your community I will respect that, because I believe in freedom of association. I will not however leave you uncriticized for it either. I suggest getting your own house in order before insisting someone change theirs.

All that said I dont actually think you specifically acted with malice. I do think you're misinformed and a personal relationship with psy clouds your judgment. if you're worried about me dropping the story m, dont be. I'm excellent at separating the art from the artist and fully intend to criticize it with the same vigor I criticize anything else

holy fucking shit dude

Unfortunately for you. No amount of trying to play word games or complicate the matter will change the fact that I gave you two very explicit and direct warnings and you decided to ignore both of them.

You seem to be having the same issue you had with our 40K argument. That you are unable to read. Perhaps you need to recognise that my hostility towards you doesn’t change the fact that I gave you very clear warnings of imminent moderation. Which means I followed all the rules required. I am also free to have my own opinion, which is that you’re a fucking asshat and can fuck off. Stop trying to appeal to gold because you fucked around and found out you child.

If you don't take part in the site community at all, this blog probably isn't relevant to you.

Never before have I read a line more relevant to me. Its like I feel as if I would enjoy being part of the mlp community but I can't be bothered with any sort of drama or talks of politics. I come to this site for ponies and I leave fulfilled. I don't want current events, political views or real world problems in my hobbies and can't understand those who want them in.
Back to the basement I go.

oh and good story bar maiming Rainbow :(, I haven't read the sequel cause Im saving it up to marathon with the first.

I've already discussed this extensively with you in DMs. My position is unchanged, and I'd appreciate it if you'd move on.

Dude, the rules say mods are gods. Mods are gods.

Understandable, lol. Don't worry, RD's my favorite pony. Real fans understand that a missing eye is just an excuse for a dope eyepatch. Have you tried the audiobook at all? It updates more regularly than I do, and is very well done.

Didn't know that was an option, if its half as good as the Arrow 18 Mission Logs one I'll check it out.

Ah so its two warnings. Not six. I guess you lied to alicorn and golden then. Can't wait to see what else we turn up. We already know that you do not like me. We already know that you and I have disparate political beliefs. You have called me an asshole, a fuckface, a conspiracy theorist gay hating bigot, a piece of shit, and awful. You are entitled to your opinions and morally speaking i do not have a problem with you being wrong. However the rules that golden alleges you follow the very most out of all of his moderating staff specifically state "No personal attacks, in public or otherwise". I think you'll be hard pressed to find any reasonable person saying those are not personal attacks.

I mean I am on the right, I guess you are trans, and you did ban me, and you have admitted to spending time arguing about whether or not to kick me over my politics. Looks like you got what you wanted. But I am not surprised that you would fulfill the stereotype, and any blowback you get from these actions is wholly on you. You couldn't take criticism, you explicitly break the rules, and when criticized you banned me. I won't say that you hate me, because I cannot read your mind, but a reasonable person would think the shoe fits.

Youre a fucking asshat and you should fuck off

You really arent helping your case right now

No personal attacks, in public or otherwise

So now i get to be the one with the snarky "Well what did you expect". You spread falsehoods about my charachter on your public blog and expect me to just sit here and take it? I argued with somebody for two hours over a tabletop wargame. I was willing to let sleeping dogs lie, but after our little conversation i noticed you decided to post here, Whether or not it was before or after we spoke isnt clear, and if you wanted this to just stop you shouldnt have said things that were false. I hesitate to say lied because you were not directly involved.
You may appreciate it if i let this go, but youre the one who choose to back that horse, now stand behind the person who was so mad i called them a bottom of the barrel insult, that he banned me over it. I'm not asking you to revoke my ban, and i dont expect you to. But when you say "I might have told psy to just block and walk away."(these are your words) it doesnt actually sound like you support psy's decision.

You can either have

Our moderation team is generally relaxed and will assume most conversation is being conducted with friendliness and levity. We don't like stifling dialogue with strict rules! However, if you feel offended or hurt, speak up! Let others know that a line has been crossed instead of simmering in silence.

this be true, or have me being banned for calling someone a moron be true. But not both.

I posted the rules. Nowhere does it say "Mods are Gods." That statement is false.




Wow, I just realized that I hadn't actually linked the audiobook on the Sunken Horizons story page! It's there now, and you can find the audiobook for Empty Horizons on its page as well. It's pretty high quality, I'd say. Put a chapter on and see if you can stop yourself!


I was willing to let sleeping dogs lie, but after our little conversation i noticed you decided to post here, Whether or not it was before or after we spoke isnt clear, and if you wanted this to just stop you shouldnt have said things that were false.

My man, I posted here about what happened with you directly in response to you, because you decided to come here and bring it up in public on my blog. I figured you wanted to have some kind of public arena to discuss in, or something, and so I obliged. I don't see how you're getting upset all of a sudden that I responded to you with my perspective on the matter.

I'm trying to be polite here. I get that you're upset but you're just making ass out of yourself and it's not gonna change anything. Please, move on before you force me to make you the first person I've ever blocked in eight years on FimFic.

(Edited to remove incorrect claim about relative times, because apparently that's the key thing to pay attention to here.)

ily Goldie

Comment posted by Rakdar deleted Apr 29th, 2021

Welp, saw this thread come up a bit late.

I agree, people are so rude even to me

The only times I've seen anyone "being rude" to you was after you had already left rudeness far behind as the antagonist in an argument. You're hardly a victim, quite the opposite in fact; if you think people are being rude to you, it's because you're being downright inhuman to them:

How dare I see reality? Hitler disarmed the populace then did his evil shit right after. Stalin did his evil shit after disarming the populace, Mao did his evil shit after disarming everyone.

What's the trend here?

Are you seriously comparing today's Germany to Germany of 60 years ago, you know you really are a crybaby you are just fucking doing this for attention you little dip shit,

Maybe you should just crawl back to your mommy so she can breast-feed you again!! What is baby too afraid? Oh don't be afraid little baby everything will be OK!!

Seriously grow up!


I think you'd find more support with your cause if you were more careful with who you directed it at.

As much as the politicizing of blogs here has become a source of conflict and drama, I feel obligated to point out that I only ever see one ideology that keeps wading into every space here and attacking others, and it's only one ideology that is intent on labeling and dehumanizing others. Saying they need to be more careful with who they direct their zealotry against presupposes that there is any validity to their claims at all, when none can be found.

It's a situation straight out of the Emperor's New Clothes, where those on the ingroup cannot speak up to say the Emperor is naked without falling victim to the purity spiral and being cast aside as the newest and most heinous villain. The latest claim, that a depressed man committed murder at his place of employment because of a drawing of a cartoon horse made last year, and that because of that drawing every single person in the fandom is responsible for him committing those crimes, is patently ludicrous. It is idiotic. But because that claim has been made despite no evidence whatsoever linking the two together, that ideology cannot now back down from it, lest the first one to say the Emperor is naked be branded a "hateful racist arborist sciurophobic Nazi coulrophobe" unperson to be destroyed.


People hate me for writing mature content, and he was the reason why I sometimes write mature contacts but then deleted because people hate it it's because whenever I watch something on YouTube I have to get my emotions out so I just write about it, I have some people don't like that then they don't need to read it, that's also the reason why I'm extremely defensive when it comes to my stories, because of people want to rip my stories apart for things they don't like they don't have to do it in a manner that upsets me

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