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Marshal Pendragon Story Anomalax. :^) I do all kinds of writing and always appreciate feedback.

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    Not Over Yet

    Confront the Abyss Head on with a Snarl. Dare to be Rebellious!
    Dance in the Abyss for your Friends. Dare to be Friendly!
    Remain Stoic Toward the Abyss. Dare to be Stalwart!
    Laugh in the Face of the Abyss. Dare to be Faithful!

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    Year's Been a Hellish Nightmare - but it's not all been horrible!

    That said fuck this year. But I also have not abandoned this project, have been learning new skills, and actively working on brainstorming. If it's gonna take three fucking years for me to make proper progress on this shit I might as well add as much to the ideas as I can to make it thematically cohesive and meaningful. That said! Here's a sneak peak to some shit I'm considering. Have fun!

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    Blugh. Sorry again.

    Okay so long story short. The anxiety's done and gone for the most part, or at least the physical attacks are. But my mother's recently been diagnosed with dementia and I'm having an intense trauma response to it while trying to process all the emotions that come with it, especially seeing as this has always been one of my worst fears. My mother has pills to help slow it down, and it was

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    Long Time no See.

    It's been months. The last 3-4 months have been exceedingly difficult mentally. But things are, hopefully, slowly getting better. On new medication, using a supplement to treat my anxiety. I've been very exhausted lately and near non functioning some days. Hopefully I'll be back to writing soon. In the mean time everyone please take care of yourselves. You can't be a hero, and can't be

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Good News · 12:07am Apr 26th, 2021

Despite how much pressure there's been and how much I've been through (move was great, but exhausting, and there've been other problems too like a bladder infection) I am ALMOST done with the next chapter and hopefully after that I'll have hit my stride! Alongside that, I am now on the east coast, plus I have been streaming a lot more lately as a way to relax. I'll post a link to my recent Chrono Cross playthrough below this:

This is my friend Polybius' free to play video game Gene Pet. Where you care for and nurture your very own virtual pet with its own personality and needs!

And this is my Chrono Cross playthrough.

I have a bunch more videos as well. This is just a nice hobby for fun thing I'm doing. My real profession is writing. But if you guys wanna follow me along for the grand adventure I'm more than thankful to have you on board.

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