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Work (EqG) · 6:56pm April 25th

Sugar, Redbull, work,

Sugar, Redbull, work,

Sugar, Redbull, work.

That was the pattern Griff was following, typing furiously on his keyboard. This latest piece of technology was his magnum opus, taking up most of his time as both a boyfriend for Meta and a playmate for Apex.

Even then, Smolder had to ask one of the others to drive her to McDonald’s.

All in his high tech bunker, the pristine white laboratory providing sanctuary for him. His teeth felt rotten with the sugary snacks he’d been eating; ginger bread cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate...

All empty plastic containers piled up against rickety cans of Redbull.

Crumbs stained his beard as he focused his reddened eyes on the screen.

He loved his job.

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*Slips his arms around Griff* "Darling, you don't need to overwork yourself so much."

Here we go again...

*says something unintelligible*

”Hey, Python is important...”

*Picks him up and carries him out* "Come on, let's go get you a bath and some clean clothes. And brush your teeth..."

*Kisses his forehead* "Pharynx said he'd take care of that for you, Ember's going to drive Smolder to McDonalds, and Ocellus and Thorax are keeping Apex occupied. You need to take care of yourself."

”I’m not letting that bastard do my work for me...cause then he’s gonna rub it in my face. ‘I’m a spy, y’know! I can do this stuff!’ For Christ’s sake...”

"Griffy, he's not trying to rub anything in your face." *Sits down and lays Griff beside him* "Darling, do you know why Pharynx led his siblings out of the spy life?"

*Takes his hand* "He left to give his siblings a normal life. So that he could have a normal life. He wants to protect the innocent, but he also wants to live a normal life. The only reason he mentions he's a spy is because he doesn't get to tell people the real reason that he's not like the average male his age. Around you and the others, he can truly be himself. And he loves that. He's not trying to rub it in your face, he's just being himself."

"Come on, I'll start the shower." *takes him to the bathroom* "Just remember. He mentions it because he trusts you, and for him, it's hard to trust anyone."

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