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Cancer Changes Everything · 2:33am Apr 25th, 2021

A few weeks back, I posted a blog about how a family member of mine (my mother, as I will now reveal) was suffering from a strange disorder the doctors couldn't figure out. Well, as the title should indicate, we've discovered what the problem was.

Uterine Cancer, Stage Three.

I was trying to be oblique in that previous post about the family member being my mother, just because I didn't want to draw too much attention to my personal life. But now, it really doesn't matter. Over 60,000 women are diagnosed with uterine cancer every year, so it doesn't really give too much away. Sadly, there's probably a person within three miles of you going through it.

The good news is that we've started chemo pretty quickly. The doctors and nurses are very well-trained and up-to-date, and they've been doing their best to make my mother comfortable during this whole experience. Likewise, my mother has a wide support system of family members and friends that are really helping her mentally in facing this new challenge. Even her employers have been gracious enough to give her time off so she can focus on bettering herself.

The bad news? Well, just about what you expect from pumping huge amounts of chemicals into somebody's body. My mother's been having quite a bit of difficulty in handling the chemo, as for the whole day afterward she could barely move from her bed and has been fighting an intense rash even up to a week afterwards. I've pretty much had to become her chauffeur for when she goes anywhere, as she's tired much more often and even forgets conversations five minutes after having them.

It should go without saying that this has not only taken up physical time for me to write and create, but also the mental desire to go through with the writings I'd planned for this site. It's hard to focus when your mother has a 30% chance of dying, and that's if the cancer hasn't already spread (then it's a 80% mortality rate). All the contests I'd hoped to get into on this site just became background noise as I tried to deal with all of this. And I'm really frustrated, because I wanted to write.

But now I find all that I can do is read and drive.

Maybe I will put something up here in the next few days, like an update or one of those story rankings I was talking about. Don't be surprised if I don't, however. Things are going to be tough over here, and I don't think they're going to get any easier.

Stay safe out there, and keep a steady mind.

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Comments ( 3 )

Your mom and family are in our thoughts and prayers man. :fluttershysad:

I know how ya feel. My mother a couple of years ago had both ovarian and uterine cancer. They initially thought from all the tests that she had ovarian cancer until they got her on the table and opened her up.

My father is currently dealing with kidney and lung cancer and because of his emphysema, they can't put him under for any major surgery, so they have to use radiation and chemo in the hopes of knocking it out.

Thank you for that. It always helps to know somebody cares.

That's one of the reasons I hope my father never develops cancer. He too has breathing and heart issues, so treating it would be much more difficult than how my mother is being treated.

Cancer is one of those conditions I hope we can eliminate within our lifetimes.

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