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New Chapter of Cruel Beauty · 3:59pm April 24th

I wrote 'Cruel Beauty' as a Patreon reward years ago. The patron wanted me to continue it in exchange for more of their monthly rewards and so I wrote it under the working title 'Sleeping Duty'. Unfortunately the patron dissolved their patronage before the fic was finished and Sleeping Duty went into storage with only a few chapters written. However, I always kind of liked where it was headed back then - even if the direction ended up being not quite what the patron envisioned. It seemed silly to leave it all unpublished forever, so for the foreseeable future, I figured I would release what I had in chaptered form and see whether people liked it enough for me to finish writing it.

As such, feedback is very much appreciated!


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I'll give it a read... and I'm out of snark for the day, so I bid you a pleasant evening.

Author Interviewer

whoa :O massive latter-day updates to stories are always exciting!

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