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Dislexic tring to wright storys, makes gammer natzie eyes bleed.

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Chapter 46 of Desperados is up, and I'm closer to the end of the wrighting. · 8:59am Apr 23rd, 2021

as of now, I got less then ten chapters to go, so fun time. After that it will be all up to anyone helping me with the edits. Unfortunately, I may have to push my once a week updates to every other week in hopes it dose not catch up with the unedited chapters. I did find someone to help me out, but their plate is full as it is, so it's slow going for edits unless someone else joins up to help me out.

All that aside, I do hope you like the ending when we get there. I'm sure a lot of people will have mixed feelings, and maybe others will love it for what it is. But trust me when I say this, thank you for giving it your time.

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