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Short Status Update · 8:17pm Apr 22nd, 2021

I realize I haven't written a blog since December. I remember when I used to write blogs weekly. Good times.

Like the title says, just an update to say I'm not dead.

Can't sit here and say I'm doing great though. I've been unemployed for almost two months and despite sending out dozens of applications, have had only one interview in that time.

Now you would think with all that free time I would be writing up a storm. You would be wrong. My seasonal depression hit and my motivation took a serious nosedive. It's sort of on the rebound now but I still just don't feel like doing anything. Most of my video games don't even seem appealing right now. I waste most of my days listening to podcasts and playing Pokemon or Halo because it's mindless and repetitive.

I'm slowly, slowly picking away at stories. Spectacular Seven of course is ongoing. I would really like this volume to not take two years to finish. I was honestly stuck in Maker's Reject with what I wanted to happen next, but I think I found something. I just need to write it. And I would like, keyword like to post a new story this summer but that would require working on it.

Having no energy sucks.

Uhh, yeah, that's about it. Everything I'm willing to share anyway. Go get your vaccine shots. I want this pandemic to finally be over so I can go see my friends and family.

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I'm sorry you're feeling so down and that life's given you a hard turn lately. I can only hope you get better soon.

Hope you’ll get well soon:heart:

Yeah, free time doesn't help when you feel like crap. Here's hoping things take a turn for the better soon.

Been there, for both things. Looking for job can be long, but I'm sure you'll find something eventually. Hope you'll get better.

Sorry to hear the doldrums have their claws in ya Albi. I don't know if it's an option where you live, but maybe going for a morning or evening walk in a park might help. I know that if I don't get outside and move every so often, my own depression gets worse.

Good luck with the job hunt. I know from experience how painful it can be.

Take care of yourself and those you care about, that's the most important thing anyone can do right now.

Author Interviewer

yay fer not bein dead :B

If it helps, you're not the only one in the same position. Or, maybe not exact same, but close enough to commiserate. I graduated my undergrad with a degree in psychology and business this past October (finished the final term in August), and I've been looking for a job ever since. I've got some experience in my industry, but not as many people are willing to take a chance on someone who, even with some experience, is ultimately just fresh out of college. It's been rough. As a result, I've definitely gone through bouts of depression. I'm currently on an upswing, but I've been there.

Writing gets harder with all of that piling onto you. There are days I end up wasting away and others that are ultra productive. At the moment, the thing I've personally found the most helpful is working on my self-compassion. If I treat myself a bit kinder, and understand that I'm not going to be up to being as productive as I'd like everyday, I end up feeling better and sometimes even being much more productive than I otherwise would have been. Maybe that's not helpful for you, but regardless, good luck. We've got this.

I know how it feels not finding a job in the field of your degree. I got my master's in 2019, used it for one internship post-graduation and have not used it since. I don't have enough experience to land a job I want and I already feel rusty with the skills I do remember. I hope you have a much better time finding work.

Self-compassion. Yeah, that's... always been tough for me. But, that's probably a conversation I should have with a therapist.

Need experience to get a job to get experience to get a job. Chickens and eggs. I know my degree be more useful down the line than it is up front, same with the Master's I'd like to get after working for a while. It's just breaking (back) in that seems nigh impossible right now.

Self-compassion is genuinely tough. Most of my friends and I have all struggled with it, too, and I feel like it's one of those lessons I have to keep re-learning every once in a while when I'm beating myself up again without realizing. Therapists have helped over the years, books have helped. Animated children's series protagonists have helped. We all do what works for us.

Take all the time you need. The last year really has been draining and the motivation to do the things you love or even get out of bed feels like a chore you can't even do well. And the job market does suck, given how they only want experienced people instead of upcomers. They're gonna be in trouble when all the experienced people die to something and only the untrained people are left.

I wish and hope for the best for you, man. Take care of yourself and take your time to build your motivation back up. I get how you feel and slowly have been trying to do the same myself. I'm getting there, bit by bit. Hope you find a job soon and stay safe. I'm only a couple weeks away from my second vaccination shot myself.

One good thing that came out of being stuck inside is that I read through LRTF and SS for the 10th time, each. That. Was. Fun.

Sounds tough buddy, know you can get through it though. You a warrior bud, just as kickass your buddy sunset.

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