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Im your average brony from Northwest Ohio that likes MLP and trucks. Oh and I have a YouTube so subcribe if you want.

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Backstory of the Sparks Twins · 5:36am Apr 22nd, 2021

This was requested to add by the OC's owner,

Lucky... A pegasus filly whom suffered an unfortunate slowness in her flight... The bullies at school always enjoyed picking on her, since she was too timid to fight back, and too slow to escape. Though, that turned out to be their own pain in the end... For during a field trip to the Cloudsdale Museum of Pegasi formed Relics and Artifacts, one of them shoved her into a pedestal at a new exhibit. With a mighty crash, the ice casing slid off and the exhibit fell to the cloud-marble floors with a shatter, and beams of lightning struck first the pusher, then his fellows. Without thinking of the consequences, Lucky nabbed up the fallen stone with her wings and rushed away, trying to keep the damage to others at a minimum.

When they found her a few hours later, huddled behind a large slab of Carved Cloud-marble depicting Commander Hurricane, the stone has scored the insides of her wings, as well as appeared as a cutie mark... the lightning was a part of her... and the stone, inert... Still slow and weak normally, her talents came out for all to see during the next lightning storm. The rage that had been held back all these years had been released... And many pegasi were found the next day, either with blacken scorch marks on their wings or lightning burned hooves...
And Lucky was nowhere to be found either...

A darkness was looming... and an ancient evil was seeking as many conduits as possible for its own escape and release... The Demon... Abaddon... For in the night, as her unchecked, unstable, and volatile rage had overtaken her mind and used her to assault any she had been slighted by, Lucky Sparks drew the attention of Him... mid assault, she was captured, sealed away, and taken as a potential power source for a ritual to aid Abaddon in His mechinations.

Thankfully, Abaddon's attention was distracted away from her, and the ritual only half succeeded... And the bitter, inwardly suffering filly had all her rage and hatred ripped from her... though the aftermath left that essence free and sentient... but with a different focus than the bullies... and this dark mass, this font of negativity, this, Ebony colored abyssal horror, found itself... HERself... without the rage that she was formed of with no target... The lack of a target, confused the entity... And the desire to know took hold... "To know, I must Be..." This was the entity's first cognizant thought... and the binding principle which the broken shards of the ritual grasped. A body was formed, similar to her original host's, though colored with the essence of the ritual itself.

Lucky's own mind was shaken and shaped by all this, and the sudden utter lack of her bottled hatreds and stings was heartening, and allowed her to cast off her self-doubts and self-hatreds. As she witnessed her former negative emotions turn physical, she was overcome with the desire to hug and comfort this other half of her... closer than a mere sister, not quite the same as a twin... this... Other Her... The other side of her own coin... The Dark Side of The Stone.

Abaddon was gone. Someone... something... took him and removed him from the situation entirely... But that, is a story told another time... And he has no more bearing upon Lucky, and her new Twin Sister, Ebony...

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