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    So. I am curious. About my stories.

    My few, and rarely updated stories are all written mostly from the point of view of Arcanum Folklore. These stories are meant to be set in different points in his life serving as our eyes and ears of the shadows, and hidden dark corners, and the deepest pits of horror of the world in which Equestria exists.

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The Nameless City, Kemet, and the Ashen Magus · 2:15am April 20th

Arcanum Folklore. Any of you that has been here a while already knows him.
One thing that I always kept under wraps around here is one period before the characters death and passing of his torch. The World War. The Ether War.

In 7 L.R. (Luna's Return) Folklore had taken the entirety of the O.S.S (Occult Science Service), including all of their money, airships, tanks, and every armament at their disposal into North Zebrica, and started a campaign heading towards the Arabian Peninsula...

Celestia and Luna in their retirement heard the news through the radio of Germania and Romulus declaring war on the whole of Europa, Zebrica, Arabia, Rus, and Equestria. This combined that declaration spreading to all of the colonies of some of the empires from Europa would turn that into a war unseen in history, one fueled by industry with carnage unimaginable, one were ancient sleeping horrors of the times Before Celestia and Luna and Long Forgotten Antiquity would rise practically invited back into the world though the suffering, artillery, and blood. The horror of the implications of this made them understand why Sir Folklore the "Black Knight" would uproot all of the resources invested in by several nations and the O.S.S. itself and send them across the Atlas Ocean.

< > Translated from Arabic.

It had been almost eleven-hundred years since we and sister traveled across Kemet into the Arabian Lands, we opted to wear robes instead of our usual regalia and to carry our weapons on our backs. Unlike the first time where we were forced to do so on hoof after we had crossed the Mediterranean Sea on a trading vessel, this time we crossed the Atlas Sea on a contraption called an "Air-Ship" and we continued from town to town across three countries through another more familiar machine the locomotive. Sister had brought with her around twenty or so bureaucrats to ease our way across the borders. Me and sister might have been retired, but we left too big of an impact in the world to go unnoticed, and disguising ourselves with illusions and shapeshifting would have slowed us down too much, it was better for me and her to cut though all barriers to our search with our influence, if not our raw power when needed.

We asked question whenever we went and the same words kept popping up. Magi, Djinn, and Jihad...

Eventually a train we were boarding opted not to stop and we saw as we came across a town, almost in rubble, several sandstone structures covered in splattered blotches of blood and damaged red flas bearing the Black Sun, piles of corpses on the streets on fire...

If there ever was a sign that we were heading in the right direction, that was it.

After that town we reached one that was in far better shape, and we and our sister left the bureaucrats behind there with instructions to go back. From there onward we and sister flew and from above with the scorching heat on our robes covering our backs and the Drangonslayer and Solbringer beginning to shake we kept forward. We flew the day and a night cold as winter yet with no snow, just as I remembered it.

In the desert mountains we saw what was a massive worm with tendrils extending from it's mouth, dead on top of one of the sandy stone hills it's bluish blood still bleeding onto it, it's massive size easily dwarfing the locomotives we and sister used to get there, on top we saw several san stained robed Equine figures wearing keffiyeh's and others using what appeared to be O.S.S. military fatigues using large saws to cut into it for an unknown purpose.

We then saw a massive crowd of more than a thousand, soldiers Earthen, Unicorn, and Zebra wearing either robes or fatigues, all stained in dirt and blood, more than a few with a missing leg or two all underneath waving banners more than twenty meters tall placed evenly between the mountains written in Sumerian cuneiform script.

On the largest mountain in the back, in which the ruins of what seems to have been a Magi temple were on it's side with a path of stairs leading to the base. On top of said mountain were three "Air-ships" with the emblem of the O.S.S. scratched and with blue and yellow blood like stains over them.

We landed to the mountain to the left of the largest mountain.

The winds became faster for a reason that we could not understand at the moment.

And we observed the ruins of the Magi Temple and saw that from it merged a male equinoid figure in tattered robes that were once white and at that moment were stained by the sands and dirt, wearing a similarly tattered white turban and a curved bluish-grey horn sticking out of it, his mouth covered in cloth, but his eyes were an unmistakable fiery amber that once were comforting to see, but at that moment made me uneasy. Out of thin air that figure which can be determined to be a unicorn stallion pulled out with his right hoof the unmistakable Blade of Urassan, one that we had given years ago.

From the temple four soldier wearing O.S.S. fatigues came dragging something in chains and covered in rope with hanging clay amulets baring cuneiform script. A being somewhat the size of a pony with an ellipsoid composed of pyramided fleshy rings covered in antennae for a head, crustacean like in appearance with bat like membranous wings with several appendages, more than we would have expected such a creature to have. this creature was brought to the unicorn stallion's right.

And five more soldiers wearing robes and keffiyeh's holding at rifle point five Thule Nazi Germanian unicorns in field uniforms, their horns sawed off and bleeding, and their faces swelled from what appeared to be repeated beatings. They then arranged them to the left of what appeared to be the courtyard forcing the Nazi's on their knees and pointing their riffles to the back of their heads.

The unicorn stallion spoke, and everpony in the vicinity listened.

<These fools to my left come here to claim this part of our world for their own seeking more power for their conquests. In their invasion they unleashed these "shaytan" from the stars with immortal minds upon not only your lands but our world!>

With that the seemingly Earthen and Zebra soldiers wearing keffiyeh's and robes fired their rifles causing the Thule unicorns skulls to explode in blood and brains upon the Magi Temple courtyard, their bodies slumping soon after.

<But fear is not the answer, for these "shaytan", these horrors from the stars may have immortal minds, but with the right tools their bodies are very much mortal.>

With that the unicorn stallion took the Urassan Blade and decapitated the thing he called "shaytan" yellow blood gushing upwards and showering him in it. The "shaytan's" body slumped to the floor and it's strange head was held high with telekinesis. And then we saw that stallion remove the cloth covering his mouth and ragged turban reveling in a wild black beard, and tired eyes none other than the Black Knight, Folklore.

All of the soldiers looking onward began chanting.


I looked at the scene. And said the only thing I could.

"Oh no..."

Comments ( 6 )

I admire your well-thought-out lore. Me, I just tend to write on instinct and throw things out, seeing what sticks.:twilightblush: Hope we'll see you write some more down the line!

I try. But in all honesty this is one of those moments that is inspired by both horror comics like Baltimore, and some very dark times in history. And Folklore inadvertently made a cult of personality and may cause fanaticism and many deaths of allies, enemies, and even innocents alike. This is a World War after all and the pressure combined with the paranoia is driving him to the edge of insanity.

Hey, nothing's created in a vacuum, inspiration is great! Arcanum is one of the neater OCs I've seen in the fandom due to his rich history and development.

Thank you. By the way, the one narrating if it wasn't obvious was Luna. Celestia and Luna maybe retired at that point, but when something that big happens and the influence they had not only Equestria but the world in the last millennium they had no choice to get involved.

Also decapitating a space alien whose species has been screwing with the world for centuries in an ancient temple made for wizards is one hell of a statement.

Very well written. I always enjoy seeing your stuff. :)

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