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  • Thursday
    Griff’s PSA (EqG)

    ”It isn’t very manly for a woman to have to cook for and clean after you. I’m Griff Adler, and I recommend this special technique to make you more manly!”

    Griff tugged Metamorphosis into view.

    ”Marry a man and have him cook and clean after you!”

    ”…Griffy, who are you talking to?”

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  • Wednesday
    Just had a conversation with my mom

    She’s gonna talk to my therapist to see if he can recommend a psychologist!

    This is a good thing.

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  • Wednesday
    If there’s one thing I hate about my mom

    It’s that she gets pissed when one thing goes wrong with my schedule. I was twenty minutes late to a class because I got the time wrong. And even though I participated and completed the assignment she still gets pissy with me and says I can’t be on my phone after school.

    She still fucking grills me about my math grade like it’s her fucking priority what I do.

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  • Wednesday
    Dare me to drive?

    Lol just kidding. My mom just wanted me to crank the car up for her. Busy day today since I woke up this effin’ early.

    Strawberry Watermelon Rise kind of tastes like carbonated chapstick. Eugh. But I’m definitely awake now.

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  • Wednesday
    Boy is a geek

    We’ll not talk about how one of his legs completely disappears behind the other. Now I definitely think this lil’ gremlin is ready for the voice of Mabel Pines lol. Whaddya’ll think?

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In Caco's Closet (Day 1) · 3:40pm April 19th

“Trapped in the closet once again,” Griff practically sighed in his writing, his inked quill blotting sentences onto the yellowed piece of parchment. “Caco decided she needed some ‘alone’ time...then again, I can’t exactly blame her. Hero can be a pain in the arse.” 

His gaze shifted machine-like around in the darkness, pivoting between the unknown and the welcoming yellow of his notebook page. With sweat beading on his forehead and dampening his locks, he realized his own secret. Smirking, he scribbled this down, 

“Even then, she’s failed to acknowledge my hidden ability.”

His two antlers glowed and popped purple and blue, with a slight hot pink. In just a few seconds, his coat was shrouded in black, but from his antlers to his tail were bright, neon-like strips of blue and pink. His eyes went without pupils and glowed white in themselves, and his aura bled into neon blue, too. 

“When shrouded in darkness, I can channel my magic into my coat, creating some kind of bioluminescence. It helps me navigate the outskirts of the school without getting caught in bear traps. Even cooler, though…” 

He sprung up with his wings flared, emitting pink sparkles like fairy dust as he pranced in a levitation-like manner. He was literally floating on air every time he jumped. 

“...I enter this fairy-like state whenever I do. It’s odd, and I feel like I’m high whenever I do it...speaking of ‘high,’ however…”

The door flew open for a split second, allowing a white hoof to slide in a few things- a glass of purple lemonade, and a small bowl wrapped in plastic. Griff dropped the book and picked up the bowl in an eager trance. 

“I’ve discovered that my fairy abilities rely on what Zenex and I call ‘pixie dust’. The, um...drug we’ve produced with the spheres he’s collected from hell. The truth is, I rely on them. Without them, I cannot conjure my bioluminescence. And without that, I’ll die.” 

A bent straw slid in from under the doorway.

“That’s all you’re gettin’ tonight, so you better use it wisely.” 

With that, he heard Caco stomp off. Not even bothering to listen, he tore the wrap off the bowl and sprinkled some dust in a line on the floor. 

“I snort it through my nose in order to ingest it.” 

He straightened the straw as best he could and began snorting. With that, he felt his senses stimulate even greater than before, flopping over in an instant. 

“...and even then, I go a bit brain dead after using it. But it’s what I need to survive, I guess. Well, in order not to succumb to my...other form. I don’t wish to eat mom alive.” 

  • Day 1, in Caco’s Closet 
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Comments ( 22 )

"Hey mom. Don't let me out yet, I'm having fun."

"Evolution is our greatest enemy because it means the next generation gets to learn from our mistakes."

Sounds like fun. Are you able to swing also?

But I want to let you out!!

Yeah, or are you not hanging upside down?

those who do not learn about history are doomed to repeat it, yeah yeah, I know about that shit

"I've learnt to thrive in the dark, as much as it scares me..."

"Oh, right. My legs aren't that strong, and those're what I'm hanging by."

Well, time for leg day then.

I was also kinda afraid that Caco's budget was so low that she didn't have rope lol. That's like, a necessity if you want to hold someone hostage!

This reminds me of the “praying closet” from Carrie

"Oh, ever since I lost that bag of bits, I've been hanging around in here. If I hadn't, she would've bought some. I just suction-cupped to the ceiling."

Fuck yeah!

You're now my favorite in this group besides mom.

Ah. Well I have excess rope. Maybe she takes donations?

"Nah, she at least has the will to let me roam around in here. The door's locked until she lets me out, so this is the space she lets me have."

He drinks his tainted lemonade with the pixie-stained straw. "Ohhh, I'm just fine..."

Then, he flops over, sighing drunkenly. "Oh, I love this closet..."

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