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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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How Will Ponies React to, Earthquakes? · 2:14pm April 19th

so here is a random question that just popped into my head. and that is, how will ponies react to earthquakes?

now this may sound like a no biggie question, but hear me out. since it's Celestia and Luna that move the sun, and moon, the planet of MLP: FiM doesn't move an inch. unlike earth which rotates around our sun, the shifting of plates doesn't appear to even happen in the world of MLP:FiM, so I don't believe they even know what an earthquake is. now I'm not sure if the rotation of the planet accounts to be part of an earthquake, I still wander, how will ponies react to such an event.

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They would all panic at first not no'ing what to do since there would be no protocol or any form of help but celestia luna and twilight and candence would come down and calm the citizens of equestria and ponyVille

They would first have the young foals and fillys and colts the area along with there family attempt to have them move some where safe away from the earth quake

They will most likely panic as such an event will most likely leave a huge devastation to their land , more so on where the earthquake is directly taking place at. I can imagine that the Pegasus would be very helpful in that situation as they can fly everyone to safety.

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