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  • Friday
    I have a headache

    Sometimes I wish I could just stop being sad

    I get excited a lot, but when I get upset it’s like a slippery slope of perpetually negative emotions. I wouldn’t say that “nothing ever goes well for me” or anything like that. But sometimes I dunno.

    I just kinda wanna take a nap and be sad

    Anyone wanna join me?

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  • Friday
    I'm hungry asf

    Like, seriously. But I'm also picky as hell. I really want some sweet corn with the cool Queso-like herb sauce on it and some pasta salad but I can't fucking get it-

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  • Friday
    I slept in until twelve because I failed my Algebra test and I needed to cope

    It turned immediately from a B to an F after a 63. My Alg teacher said something about challenging us but Griff's big brain managed to forget everything about it. Miraculously I can remember song lyrics from something I've never heard before though. Oi.

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  • Friday
    I think I have a crush on the pink Amoeba Sister

    Shut up I really like science okay

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  • Friday

    That’s all I want for my birthday

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Back Again · 5:00pm Apr 17th, 2021

Starfruit gasped for air as he felt the tar like liquid deep off his body. Everything was there again. Reality was everything it seemed; whole.

For the past few years it felt like he was seeing everything through the eyes of another. Then again, it was...blurred.

”Get up.”

Gah! Starfruit jolted, looking back at the Umbrum. In an instant, his eyes narrowed. You...


”First you’re bucking my son, and now you’ve stored me in that disgusting body of yours...I’m surprised you haven’t evaporated by now...”

”It isn’t right to kill. Not even the likes of you deserve death, in my eyes.”

Starfruit wiped at his bloody mouth.

”So, I stored you in my body, absorbing your nutrients and keeping you in containment until I felt like spitting you out again. And look here, you’re alive again.”

”You bastard...I don’t want your damn pity...”

”Sounds like a personal problem.” Umbra lashed his tail, and Starfruit gasped as some kind of slender, black tether latched around his neck and dragged him toward the umbrum. ”Now let’s go. Umbra craves ice cream.”

With that, Starfruit stopped struggling as liquidy, black wings spread from his body and he took off.

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Comments ( 17 )

Oooo yes these skits!!

Yes! Skits!


”Quit wriggling...”


I really like the ones with Passion, Umbra, Jay who's name got changed 1000 times, and a few others. But they stopped. Like the one where Passion and Umbra where making out then gets scared by some noises then everyone dies lol.

Fair enough. We all know that, with Jay, I had a two year long identity crisis. It’s not that hard to see—

Umbra: lemme just put you on the counter....
Passion: bro make out it's the start of the skiiit
Umbra: Oh right. Wait what was that sound
Passion: fapfapfap
Umbra: noooo!!!
Passion: I think Jay died.

Whatever the fuck your characters name is: smashes head on wall till dead
Melody: Mijoooo

Sorry. We just need MOAR SKITS

Lol, I’ve been posting a lot of them already

No. We need more that are crazy ass shit. And not your average crazy ass shit.

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